This weekend at Emerald City Comicon, Galaxy of Toys co-hosts and Star Wars action figure completest, Jake Stevens and Ryan Beise hosted a panel
on some of the obscure Star Wars action figures made by Kenner and Hasbro over the past 40 years.

Join Ryan Beise and Jake Stevens, both hosts of local Star Wars collecting podcasts and experts on the Hasbro line of Star Wars figures 2017-03-05_1939as they go through some of the strange, unique, and obscure Star Wars toys that Hasbro has made of the years. We’ll look at things like the Cruise Missile Trooper, “Attack” R5-D4, Whorm Loathsom, Wioslea, and more…

The panel was well attended and followed Alice Cooper’s presentation in hall WSC 6111 at Seattle’s WA State Convention Center.  We’d like to thank ReedPop and Twitch for streaming the panel live on Twitch.tv.  You can see the complete panel below as well as Peter Mayhew’s and Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn panel at Twitch.tv/reedpop2.

Watch live video from ReedPOP2 on www.twitch.tv