With the first of November, we not only get a new month but new figures as well! The Disney Store has released both in store and online their first Hasbro action figure exclusives. Joining The Black Series today was a new battle-damaged Captain Phasma from The Last Jedi, a Stormtrooper with blast fire-accessories, and the greatest bounty hunter of them all, Zuckuss.




Now if you are thinking, haven’t these already been released; you are correct. All three of these figures were slated as Toys ‘R’ Us exclusives earlier in the year. But with the collapse of Geoffrey’s empire, these figures were picked up, thankfully, by The Disney Store. But as TRU is still alive and kicking in Canada, these figures have been out for several months both in-store and on www.toysrus.ca.

Happy hunting for this trio of villains and until next time,

May the Figures be with you!