Sister Lines – Jumbo Yakface Updated has posted carded pics of Gentle Giants' 2013 SDCC Exclusive: Yakface.  With the release of Yakface in this line it officially extends the Jumbo Kenner Figure series to include figures from 3 of the 4 movie based Vintage Kenner lines.  Yet to be represented is any figure released exclusively in The Return of the Jedi series.  The release of the figure also prompts us to update our Sister Lines section as we make it our goal to catalog all action figure lines connected to Kenner and Hasbro action figures. Click on the pic to check out's coverage of this exclusive. Click here to pre-order this Jumbo Figure from Gentle Giant. Click on the Sister Lines link at the top of the page to [...]

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A Sister Line – From a certain point of view

Toy Company Super 7 has announced their San Diego Comic Con Exclusive for 2013.  The set combines two classic Kenner toy lines: Alien and Star Wars!  These Alien figures are done in vintage 3 3/4 style and use the famous Kenner Star Wars Early Bird Package concept.  What makes this set not only cool for Star Wars action figure collectors but these figures were originally planed for release in 1979 but the line was shelved due to Kenner's larger Alien toy being deemed too scary for kids. Click the pic for more Kenner'esk pics.

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No, there is another.

In attempt to provide you with all aspects of Star Wars Action Figures 4LOMKUSS.COM releases its next section: Sister Lines!  This section is dedicated to all Star Wars Action Figures, vehicles, playsets, and accessories that have gone on to be used in other toys lines.  Check it out and let us know if you know of others by posting in the comments section below.

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