Shooting Skywalker Makes Fans Happy

A dream has come true for so many vintage Star Wars action figure collectors.  Photographer Kim David McNeill Simmons has created a website where you can buy pictures he took of his action figures.  Now what you may not know is that Simmons worked for Kenner during the vintage years and took a lot of the photos that appear on the vintage packaging and toy catalogs.  His website  details how after being featured in Topps' (fantastic) magazine Star Wars Galaxy he realized how desired his photos have become.  Thankfully for Simmons and collectors, he retained the rights to the Kenner photography and now offers prints and postcards to any willing to pay. To check out or own some great vintage Star Wars action figure photos click [...]

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Vintage Works of Art

Swedish artist Mats Gunnarsson continues to amaze with his life-like oil paintings.  Now what makes his art extra awesome is that his favorite source of inspiration is Kenner's vintage Star Wars action figure line.  According to his website, Gunnarsson has been drawing his action figures since he was a child and now makes it so you can own some of his art that's been 34-years in the making.  Not only are you able to purchase these fantastic vintage works of art directly from the artist himself but they come shipped in classic looking frames and ready to hang next to your collection of carded figures on the wall. Click the pic to check out his other works or to inquire about a purchase.

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In 1996 Kenner Ships Ruled the Card Art Modeling World

Inspired by the latest episode of the Galaxy of Toys Podcast, 4LOMKUSS.COM tracked down a set of Topps' 1996 Shadows of the Empire card set.  This 90-card set was entirely painted by The Brothers Hildebrandt who were no strangers to Star Wars as they created the original A New Hope movie poster.  Topps has created many iconic card sets over the years but what makes this set special to us here at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss, is it's obvious use of vintage Kenner vehicles.  One can tell by the detail and portions of these ships that the Hildebrandts for many of their cards used the action figure toys as reference.  Although by 1996 Kenner/Hasbro had alreadybegun making modern Star Wars toys, they had yet to [...]

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Kickstart some Art!

Artist Rob Burden is in the last few hours of his Kickstarter campaign to create some "Epic Paintings of Star Wars Action Figures"!  Now this project has already been funded in an excess of $7K ; Burden is now working on funding a third painting by reaching a goal of $34,000.  Whether you support this or not it will be exciting to see the end results.  Click the pic above to check out his Kickstarter video and other oil painting he has done on Star Wars action figures.

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