Micro Force & Fighter Pods Figure Checklists

A new checklist for Hasbro's latest mini-figure line Star Wars Micro Force has now been added to our site. This rebranding of Hasbro's 2012 Fighter Pods line which saw hundreds of micro figures released has prompted us to release a complete checklist of every Fighter Pod figure as well.

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Introducing Micro Force (Fighter Pods Reborn)

Hasbro has shared with us information about their latest new line set to reach store shelves in just a few weeks. Micro Force is described as "a line of squishable and easily collectible micro figures". If this sounds familiar or looks familiar its because this is a re-branding of Hasbro's Fighter Pods series from 2012. The previous incarnation included launchable pods that the figures could be placed into but this feature is now absent from this version. The release of Micro Force continues Hasbro's recent trend of returning to past ideas.  With the creation of The Black Series line a few years ago, Hasbro brought back the Titanium die-cast ship line which Galoob and later Hasbro released aplenty. The Force Awakens saw the return of Micro [...]

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