Press Release – Skywalker Strikes Con Exclusive

Today, Hasbro has provided us with a brand new reveal featuring this year's international convention exclusive: Luke Skywalker (Skywalker Strikes). This new 6" Black Series figure includes additional accessories that are sourced not only from A New Hope but also from recent Marvel Comics. This exclusive will "be available at key conventions this Fall including MCM London Comic-Con, Paris Comic-Con, Lucca Comics & Games, Salon Manga Barcelona, and Madrid Comic-Con (in limited quantities, while supplies last)". Hasbro is continuing Lucasfilm/Disney's focus on Luke Skywalker for focus of their Episode IX campaign. Lots of companies (Hasbro included) are releasing product under the title "Skywalker Saga". And while one could debate which Skywalker, Luke or Anakin, is truly the basis of the Saga, Luke appears to be the [...]