Winners 2017

The results of our first round of voting for the 2017 Star Wars Fan Figure 3 3/4″ vote are in.  Fans and collectors have flooded us with nominations for the character they want most to be turned into a super-articulated figure included in this Spring’s return of The Vintage Collection! The six finalist submitted by fans since Saturday’s announcement at Hasbro’s panel at Star Wars Celebration include:

Ben Skywalker

Now if you have been active on social media this week you have probably been witness to the frustration that many longtime collectors are having to the numerous nominations for Ben Skywalker, a novel character from the now defunct Expanded Universe. This particular Skywalker earned no less than 25% of our votes and appears to have a healthy and coordinated fan base. A Ben Skywalker figure, from an EU 3 3/4″ action figure perspective, would be a decent companion piece to the Jaina and Jacen Solo figures from the Legacy line, as well as the Jedi Master Luke from “The Jedi Legacy” Evolution set and the Kyle Katarn and Yuuzhan Vong Comic Book 2-pack.

Dr. Aphra

Dr. Aphra is a fairly new character from Marvel Comics but is popular enough to warrant her own comic book series. A figure made of her could possibly open the doors for the return of modern comic book packs. For a look at Hasbro’s long affair with comic books.

Pong Krell

Pong Krell is definitely a character that collectors for many years now felt should have been made in The Clone Wars line. This turncoat Jedi, was a great character and could lend himself to an incredible super-articulated figure.

Sim Aloo

Now Sim Aloo typically receives lots of votes, not out of a great desire for the character itself, but in order to help complete the effort to reissue every Kenner carded figure in The Vintage Collection packaging. Having already two other Imperial Dignitaries in the modern line might not be to this figure’s advantage but an update to this 1985 figure would indeed be welcomed.

Tonnika Sisters

The Tonnika Sisters have long been desired by fans but due to character likeness rights and issues with licensing this figure has always been off the table.  Rumor has it there has been some movement toward fixing this issue from ’77 but odds are good that she or they will not receive enough overall votes to matter should they end up in the final vote.

Yak Face

And finally Yak Face was last released in The Power of The Force 2 line in the late 90’s and has yet to be properly updated with sculpt nor articulation. This figure like a few others from Jabba’s Palace [cough…non-Special Edition Sy Snootles…cough] would be welcomed among the many modern updates from the crimelord’s entourage.

Look for the final vote to take place on from April 26th-30th. And once again, good luck and

May Your Figure be with you!