We are fortunate enough to provide you with a behind-the-scenes tour, courtesy of Hasbro, of Jabba’s Sail Barge – The Khetanna! This 4-foot long vehicle which is slated to be a part of The Vintage Collection is currently being offered through a crowd-funding initiative at Hasbrolab.com. This ship is the largest Hasbro has produced since 1985 when they released the GI Joe’s U.S.S. Flagg aircraft carrier. Now as it is a crowd-funded campaign it does need 5,000 backers to become a reality.

This vehicle has been requested by fans for years and now is our chance to add it to our collections and it looks to be beyond worth every dollar:

With intricate detailing, premium materials, superior functionality and grandiose size, it is poised to be one of the most sought after, must-have items in the Star Wars collection.

So join us know as we take a look inside at the amazing detail and love that has been put into this landmark 3 3/4″ vehicle.

 Welcome to The Khetanna! The finest vessel in Lord Jabba’s fleet to sail the Dune Sea and the Great Pit of Carkoon!




We will start our tour in the bow of the ship with the COCKPIT.


Next, we’ll move on to the ARMORY!




From here, we move into Jabba’s LOUNGE.



Now on to the GALLEY!


A few points of interest along the way.



We’ll end our tour where many of Jabba’s enemies do, the CELL.



We are just overwhelmed with how amazing this vehicle/playset has turned out. This is truly Hasbro at their finest and we are very excited about seeing this come to fruition. The inside detail, which they worked with Lucasfilm to create, is just fantastic. From vibro-axes on the wall, to shackles on the decomposing Hammerhead; from the Kenner-esk design of Jabba’s Lounge, to the chubas hanging in the galley, this is slated to be finest playset/vehicle in modern toy era.

Needless to say, we backed the project on day one but there is still time for collectors to add The Khetanna to their collections. 5,000 backers are needed by April 3rd, 2018 so don’t delay and sign-up today at Hasbrolab.com.