This morning as promised on yesterday’s The Star Wars Show, Good Morning America, debuted the latest Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer.  This video reveals more of the Dark Lord of Sith and helps paint the backstory for Jyn Erso, the film’s protagonist!

From a collector perspective, there are a handful of new outfits, characters and vehicles we would like to see Hasbro produce in their action figure lines. Most notably:

  • Young Jyn
  • Young Galen
  • Old Galen
  • Death Star Droid
  • X-Wing Fighters
  • TIE Fighters
  • Capt. Andor in Imperial Disguise
  • Alliance High Command Officers
  • Jyn’s Commando squad
  • Gray Suited X-Wing Fighter
  • Young Krennic
  • AT-ST Walker
  • Grand Moff Tarkin?

With still two months to go, who knows what more reveals are left but from what has been shown thus far, we are happily going rogue!

Also this week, the final poster for the stand-alone film made its debut and we must say it looks great!

ro poster

May the Figures be with you!

PS – This may be one of the most frightening scenes in Star Wars history…