Our friends at @SWTVC are currently running a March Madness bracket for The Vintage Collection line. Make sure to get in on the fun by voting each day of the month!

By Finndor Moon

2021 TVC March Madness has begun!  Let’s tell Hasbro what we want to see in The Vintage Collection.
Throughout January, fans submitted their picks for their top 25 most-wanted all-new Vintage Collection figures to the @SWTVC page on Instagram and the Star Wars The Vintage Collection Facebook group.
After tallying over 700 characters submitted, the top 64 were determined and seeded into this March Madness bracket.  All 64 are amazing choices that Hasbro needs to get into the line, but who should be first?  You can download a high-res version at SWTVC.net to fill out and follow along during the voting.
Vote on new matchups every day this month in the @SWTVC Instagram stories and in the Star Wars The Vintage Collection Facebook group!  Original 96 updates or unmade Clone Wars characters?  Prequels or sequels?  Ben Kenobi or Ben Solo???  Vote now!