This week on TOY RUN, the hosts break down 10 essential Star Wars action figure guides and resources that should be in every collector’s library! The give their thoughts (with plenty of spoiler warning) on the debut of Season 4 of Rebels. Criz Bee and Jake Stevens also share their feelings on both the title of the upcoming spin-off film and how new Star Wars canon might have lost its way in the recently released From a Certain Point of View novel. Plus your action figure Toy Rundown of the week and more on the return of the Mighty Muggs!

00:00 – 04:18 Intro SOLO talk
04:18 – 12:19 Toy Runs / Galaxaar this past week
12:19 – 23:28 Star Wars Rebels Episode 1 & 2 talk
23:28 – 31:56 From A Certain Point Of View 40 Short Stories Audio Book
31:56 – 34:21 Wookiee Weekend / The Vintage Collection prices
34:21 – 38:02 Mighty Muggs Talk / Thanks To Hasbro For The NYCC Goodie Bag
38:02 – 39:14 Ashley Eckstein Re-Tweets Evelyn’s Rey Picture
39:14 – 39:43 Show Overview
39:43 – 41:11 Toy Rundown Of The News
41:11 – 71.11 Episode Special: Star Wars Action Figure Books You Should Own

Show Notes

For more Star Wars Action Figure Guides and Magazine check out Jocasta’s Reference Desk!

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