What a Force-filled Monday this has turned out to be! The morning began with a preview of the trailer which included an armada scene led by the Millennium Falcon which was flanked by The Ghost!

Now, this did not come as a surprise to us because back in August during D23 we pointed out that we believe Hera’s ship could be seen in silhouette.


The ticket for the first week of showings in December was made available through most chains just prior to 5 PM PST. We were able to snag tickets for the first showing on the 19th which will keep Jake’s streak of seeing every Star Wars film in theaters on its opening day since 1983.

Following the slow down of Fandango and AMC’s virtual queues due to excited fans, it would be another hour and forty-five minutes before the debut of the trailer during halftime.

The trailer left us with a series of emotions to unpack. We were equal parts awestruck by the multiple thrones belonging to The Emperor and choked-up with 3-PO’s friendship line and Fisher having the final line in the trailer. We were captivated by the new version of the main theme even though it is more than likely just a commercial track and we were happily left wanting way more as this trailer sets up themes but little to no plot details.

The trailer was then accompanied by the release of the official poster. We were happy to see Rose is featured on the poster due to the fact that she has been removed from so items released since Triple Force Friday. And to date, she only has one “toy” released of here.


Now as if the evening couldn’t get any better, while the 9-year-old and I were finishing up our fifth viewing of the trailer, a knock was heard at the door at 7:30 PM on this dark and stormy night. To our surprise, it was a special delivery from Hasbro. We are always very grateful for the free items Hasbro sends to us on occasion and as we count down to December 19th, we’ll review the contents of our new The Rise of Skywalker care package.


Finn has always been a fan of the roleplay weapons and masks from Hasbro and as you can see, he is already a fan of the Scream Saber…whereas he dog is not.

This tickets secured, theories to form, and toys to open, we are set to endure the two months until we head to the theaters. It’s a good thing we have Resistance and The Mandalorian to keep us additionally entertained until then.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we are off to make the weirdest lightsaber sounds possible.