Buckle up and tighten up your racing harness as our Star Wars: Resistance Figure & Episode Guide has left the starting line. Resistance is the third animated series to be helmed by Dave Filoni and debuted on October 7th, 2018. The show takes place just months prior to The Force Awakens and centers around a young pilot turned spy on a racing platform.

Just prior to the airing of the first episode, Hasbro provided us with a press release which stated that their action figure line would be available in Spring 2019. You can read the entire release and look over more official images below.

 Star Wars: Resistance Press Release (October 4th, 2018)

Hasbro Action Figure Checklist & Visual Guide

The following is an action figure checklist and visual guide for all Star Wars: Resistance products by Hasbro.

Basic Figures

Wave 1

  • Commander Pyre
  • First Order Stormtrooper
  • Kaz Xiono
  • Major Vonreg
  • Synara San
  • Torra Doza


Wave 1

  • Jarek Yeager & Bucket (R1-J5)
  • Poe Dameron & BB-8

Episode Guide & Debut Figure Appearances Guide

The following is an episode guide, which summarizes each episode and documents each figure’s initial appearance.


The Recruit – “Kazuda ‘Kaz’ Xiono, a young pilot, is recruited by the Resistance and tasked with a top-secret mission: to spy on the growing threat of the First Order.”

  • BB-8
  • Bucket (R1-J5)
  • Jarek Yeager
  • Kaz Xiono
  • Major Vonreg
  • Poe Dameron
  • Torra Doza

The Triple Dark – “Settling in on the Colossus, Kaz struggles to focus on his duties as a mechanic while moving forward with his mission…and pirates don’t help much.”

  • First Order Stormtrooper
  • Synara San

Fuel for the Fire – “Kaz meets Jace Rucklin, an aspiring and friendly racer. But does he have an ulterior motive for gaining Kaz’s trust?”

The High Tower – “Kaz’s mission heats up as the First Order arrives on the Colossus.”

Meta Alert: This episode features action figures of a Stormtrooper and Boushh in Torra’s room!

figs 1

The Children from Tehar – “In need of credits to fix a broken part, Kaz looks to recover two missing children and claim a sizable bounty.”

  • Commander Pyre

Signal from Sector Six – “Kaz and Poe Dameron investigate a distress signal, and find something much bigger than they anticipated.”

Synara’s Score – “With his spy in place, pirate leader Kragan Gorr seizes the opportunity to strike at the Colossus.” 

The Platform Classic – “When hotshot race Marcus Speedstar arrives on the Colossus, Yeager is confronted by a painful past he’s kept hidden.”

Secrets and Holograms – “While Captain Doza meets with the First Order, Torra, Kaz, and BB-8 sneak around on their own secret mission.”

Station Theta Black – “When Poe and Kaz find an old First Order mining facility, BB-8 discovers the facility isn’t so abandoned!”

Bibo – “Neeku adopts a strange sea creature and gets way more than he bargained for when it brings chaos to the platform.”

Dangerous Business – “In exchange for parts, Kaz minds acquisitions for Flix and Orka and comes into conflict with a shady alien customer in league with the First Order.”

The Doza Dilemma – “Synara settles into life on the platform, but her pirate compatriots have more nefarious plans for her.”

The First Order Occupation – “Kaz scrambles to help Synara escape the platform as the First Order sends a contingent of stormtroopers to hunt a spy.”

The New Trooper – “When Kel and Eila seek out Kaz’s help after knocking out a stormtrooper, Kaz dons the trooper’s armor to protect the kids and spy on the First Order.”

The Core Problem – “Poe and Kaz make an unsettling discovery and must evade the First Order when they are spotted by an enemy probe droid.”

The Disappeared – “Kaz and Torra investigate the disappearance of a friend.”

Descent – “With secrets exposed, Yeager’s crew must evade relentless troopers hunting them down and find a way to reach the Resistance.”

No Escape: Part 1 – “Kaz, Neeku, and Torra try to save their friends as the First Order prepares to demonstrate the power of its superweapon.”

No Escape: Part 2 – “With Neeku’s help, Kaz comes up with a risky plan to rid the Colossus of the First Order once and for all.”



Character Appearances & Cameos

Here is where we track the appearances and cameos of characters from previous Star Wars films and media. We also note if the original actor provided the voice.

Original Trilogy Characters

  • C-3PO (voiced by Anthony Daniels)
  • General Leia Organa

Sequel Trilogy Characters

  • BB-8
  • Captain Phasma (voiced by Gwendoline Christie)
  • Ello Atsy
  • Guavian Death Gang (voiced by Matthew Wood & David Acord)
  • Poe Dameron (voiced by Oscar Isaac)

Hasbro Wishlist

Here is one of our favorite things to do which includes thinking and speculating about what characters we would love to see cast in plastic and how Hasbro should release them! The following is our suggestions based off the episodes released so far to date.

Team Fireball

  • Neeku Vozo
  • Tam Ryvora
  • Fireball Drag Ship with Kaz Xiono (Pilot)

Ace Squadron

  • Green Ace Starfighter with Hype Fazon
  • Blue Ace Starfighter with Torra Doza
  • Red Ace Starfighter with Freya Fenris
  • Black Ace Starfighter with Griff Halloran
  • Yellow Ace Starfighter with Bo Keevil

The Colossus

  • Orka & Flix (2-pack)
  • Aunt Z & Grevel (2-pack)
  • Imanuel Doza
  • 4D-M1N with Buggles
  • Bolza Grool
  • Opeepit

Space Pirates

  • Kragan Gorr with Pirate Swoop Bike
  • Skreek

First Order

  • Captain Phasma
  • Vonreg’s Crimson TIE Interceptor with Major Vonreg

The Resistance

  • General Leia Organa
  • Poe Dameron (Fatigues) & CB-23 (2-pack)
  • Poe’s T-70 X-Wing with Poe Dameron (Pilot)

New Republic

  • T-85 X-Wing with Kaz Xiono (New Republic Pilot)


  • Kowakian Ape-Lizard with Kowakian Monkey-Lizard
  • Speedstar starfighter with Marcus Speedstar
  • Oplock & R4-D12 (2-pack)

Resistance News

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Make sure to check back as this page will be updated as new information, action figures and episodes are released!