REBELS button promo

For those attending Star Wars Celebration Anaheim next week, you may have a chance to capture our third and final button giveaway!  This free C7 swag is the fourth in a series of our “I’m a Star Wars Action Figure Collector” buttons.

The first was exclusive to last week’s Emerald City Comicon in Seattle.

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The second and third versions will be available next Thursday exclusively at The Archive Party II sponsored by The Star Wars Collectors Archive and is produced in partnership with Tom Berges from

Archive party button exclusive

The final version will be our main convention giveaway and will be handled out and traded for other swag during all four days of the con.


Places (besides the Hasbro booth) where you will be able to track down Jake for a button will be:

  • Friday, 3pm-4pm in the Collector’s Lounge – Live Podcast of This Week in Star Wars hosted by Matt Fox and co-hosted by Jake Stevens
  • Saturday, 6pm-7pm on the Podcast Stage (Room 208AB) – Galaxy of Toys Podcast hosted by Jason Luttrull and co-hosted by Ryan Beise, Tom Berges, Chris Bortz and Jake Stevens
  • Sunday, 4pm in the Collecting Social Room – Huge Collecting Podcast hosted by Arnie and Marjorie of Star Wars Action News and co-hosted by many others

But that is not all, attendees of the Galaxy of Toys Podcast on the Podcast Stage on Saturday evening will receive the exclusive “Celebration Evolution” button.

4LOM sample

The exclusive is a nod to both our namesake “From 4-LOM to Zuckuss” and our vintage and modern action figure focus. The pin represents the first appearance of the character and the most recent. This 4-LOM made his debut as a mail-away offer for The Empire Strikes Back vintage line in 1982 and this version of Zuckuss appeared in the The Legacy Collection line in 2009.

A big shout out goes to Tom Berges for the amazing design work he has done for us and many others in preparation for the big show in Anaheim! Make sure to hunt him down on the show floor, at Galaxy of Toys Podcasts and around the collector track panels as he has some amazing IGrewUpStarWars buttons and other swag to trade and share.

We are extremely excited for Celebration and look forward to trading swag, sharing stories and having Star Wars-themed fun with you all!

Until next week,

May the Figures be with you!