This morning custom action figure designer @hasnotalent released a micro-run of his new 3 3/4″ vintage-styled Blurrg creature. The beast which was limited to just 10 pieces sold out near instantly when it went up as a claim sale at 8 AM PST. This amazing digital sculpt not only includes a harness but an opening for an action figure to ride to replicate the technique Kenner used in the 70s and 80s.

As the headline of this article states, this creature makes us very happy. Not only because we had the speed of a Jedi in claiming one this morning but we are huge fans of all things related to The Mandalorian and when it comes to the 3 3/4″ line, the show has only resulted in one item being released so far from Hasbro. While there are three more figures on the way, they are set for a Spring release leaving us 3 3/4″  collectors high and dry until then. And therefore the release of this toy makes us extremely happy as it helps fill the void in our collection for this particular series.

In order to fill said holes in our collections, we have also already begun hunting down extra figures at toys shop and shows in order to create a few characters of our own. IG-88s, Ugnaughts, Jawas, Stormtroopers, Zuvios, Bobas, Greedos, and Yodas are all easy to acquire from lines like The Power of the Force 2 and make great custom fodder, which we plan on doing over the winter season.

While we would love to see more support by Hasbro for not only the Disney+ series but for The Rise of Skywalker, Jedi: Fallen Order, Star Wars: Resistance and all three trilogies as well, but alas we are learning to come to peace with the loss of the 5POA line and the shift of focus from the traditional action figure scale to the new normal of 6″.

The following are images of the product and design process which can be found on @hasnotalent’s Instagram page.