As of this writing, we are under 24 hours left for fans to back the HasLab Black Series 6″ Rancor! This crowdfunding campaign is currently at 62% funded which is unprecedented for a Star Wars HasLab. Both its predecessors, the Sail Barge and the Razor Crest funded before the final day. This particular project has seen some setbacks due to the choice of stretch goals not connecting with collectors and some sites and groups actively campaigning against the beast due to a number of reasons. Some have also argued that the competition of the Ghostbusters and GI Joe HasLabs have slowed the success of the Star Wars project especially as all three are taking place during the holiday season when wallets are tight.

Hasbro did see a jump in numbers this past week when they announced the Rancor Keeper would be added to the campaign’s basic funding level.

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With this announcement, many collectors on the fence felt this was the right time to ask Hasbro to add in additional requests. Topping the list was the addition of an Oola figure and a plea for an extension to the campaign’s funding period. But alas, it appears according to one of Hasbro’s own and former Star Wars Brand Manager, Steve Evans, neither are possible:

Now with past HasLab projects, Hasbro has added in international and e-store orders on the last day, so the next few hours may very well decide the Rancor’s fate on whether it will fund or join the HasLab Cookie Monster on the island of misfit toys.

The GI Joe HasLab is likewise in a similar boat as it is currently sitting at just a slightly better 71% funded with one additional day to go. Unlike the Rancor, the Skystriker has never seen a drop or regression in backers giving it a better chance at funding. Our friends over a Geek. Dad. Life. hosted a great debate tonight between the two properties which featured Dan Larson from Toy Galaxy and Mike Kaess. Whether you are interested in either or both projects, make sure to show your support in the next day and to get the word out in order to make them happen. And as we have mentioned before, if these are not your cup of tea or you do not see the value in what is being provided, that is fine but let folks who do enjoy them rent-free. Now check out the video below for some fun debate between these two projects which have come down to the wire!