On last week’s episode of The Goldbergs, the Goldberg children were threatened with having some of their favorite toys given away to their cousin Gleb. Among the amazing haul of ’80s toys were some vintage Star Wars, He-Man, Transformers, and GI Joe items to name a few.

When it comes to Star Wars, the following pieces were clearly visible from the vintage Kenner line:

  • Twin-Pod Cloud Car
  • “Battle Damaged” X-Wing Fighter
  • Scout Walker Vehicle
  • Land Speeder
  • Land of the Jawas Action Playset

This seventeenth episode of Season 6 plays up a Perfect Strangers rift and is aptly titled “Our Perfect Strangers” and debuted on February 27th, 2019.

Erica, Barry and Adam are not happy when their distant relative Gleb visits from Russia, until they realize he can make their lives easier; Beverly starts working on her cookbook, which causes tension with the Frentas.

Fans of vintage toys, in general, should take their hats off to the prop crew on this episode as Hasbro’s massive GI Joe FLAGG Aircraft Carrier and Defiant Shuttle Complex can be seen, along with Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Eternia playset, Transformers’ Omega Supreme in the box and a Daimos Shogun Warrior.


Again, just like The Simpsons’ SOLO cameo last week, a big thanks to Scott H. and others who provided a heads up on his appearance. With interest in both Star Wars and ’80s nostalgia building to a fever pitch, we have a feeling Star Wars action figures will continue making appearances on a more frequent basis going forward.

Look for these images to be added to our ever-growing database of Star Wars action figure appearances in film and television. Check out Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! and let us know what other Kenner and/or Hasbro cameos in film or television we are missing!

Until then,

May the Figures Be with you!