This week, Steve Evans answered a handful of questions which Hasbro solicited from collectors about The Vintage Collection line on their Hasbro Pulse Instagram page last week.


Here is the original request for questions from Hasbro’s Senior Product Design Manager for Star Wars:

And here are the answers they choose to answer, including one from our friend DarthMac:

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So to recap:

  • Tape is being phased out on bubbles
  • Bubbles will have three sizes, Small, Medium and Large
  • Wave 2 hits next month with Young Han, (censored), Death Trooper and Imp Assualt Tank Driver
  • Wave 3 coming towards the end of the year
  • A new way of informing collectors about upcoming figures is on the way
  • Hasbro is working on bringing their photo-real digital face tech to the 3 3/4″ although it is harder than they think
  • Character selection in balanced between new media and classic core charaters from the OT and PT
  • Unpunched cardbacks will come only in exclusive products like Yakface from the Sail Barge
  • New classic and new media vehicles are currently being worked on for TVC
  • Steve and Hasbro love playsets and may have news of interest soon

The Vintage Collection appears to be just heating up and lots of great stuff is ahead for the return of this classic line. To learn more about The Vintage Collection 2, check out our Visual Guide below!