From 4-LOM to Zuckuss is so very fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest where love for Star Wars is both vibrant and everywhere.  As witnessed by the 100 or so collectors that journeyed to Seattle for the International Collectors Event (I.C.E.) this past Labor Day, Star Wars and the Seattle area are fast friends.

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Just 25 minutes South of Seattle will land you in Tacoma, Washington and the home of a handful of shops who like to peddle the force.  For our latest raid we ventured to two of the six or so shops in The City of Destiny looking for some sweet Star Wars finds.  Our first Tusken Toy Raid took us to Tacoma’s leading comic book store: Atomic Comics.  The owner, Shane, is a huge Star Wars fan and its easy for one to tell by the large amount of retail toy space Star Wars memorabilia takes up in his shop.

Our second toy run raid led us to Tricky’s Pop Culture Emporium.  This cooky toy store is great if you are looking for modern boxed and carded Star Wars action figure toys.  A few vintage pieces and figures pepper the area as well.

For more photos of both of these Star Wars infused shops click on “Tuksen Toy Raiders” section at the top of the page.   And stay tuned for more Tusken Toy Raids from Tacoma in the near future.