The hosts of The Sandcrawler Podcast are joined by Jake Stevens for a much-needed action figure therapy session. Taking a break from the normal banter and channeling passions in a different direction, Mac, Dan and Jake share their frustrations about the current state of the hobby including scarcity, price inflation, customer service, and empty toy shelves and pegs. But don’t worry, things will return back to your friendly neighborhood action figure cast, most likely even later this very week!

We had a plan, we hit the record button and then…

Being a Star Wars collector can be very challenging lately. Being a Star Wars FAN can be very challenging lately. This week’s episode is three friends basically unloading on each other about the state of collecting. It’s a rambling, ridiculous but also interesting conversation that we just felt we had to get off our chests.

Thank you to BUNK DOGG for the 5-star Apple Podcasts review and thank you to Jon for his great question about what scale of action figure he should focus on.

After that we talk about recent finds in I Wanted Everything including an awesome prototype that Dan recently acquired.


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