The Sandcrawler is back with its second triple-digit episode to talk about all of The Mandalorian reveals from the past few weeks! Join hosts Mac and Dan as they tolerate another appearance by Jake Stevens who joins in all the action figure therapy fun!

We’re back with our second show in a week and it’s all Mando, Mando, Mando!  Jake Stevens returns as we tear into the Season Two premiere of The Mandalorian and then break down the action figure announcements that were announced during the first two Mando Monday events. Mando Monday 2.  This is the cereal featuring small plastic busts that Dan talked about.

We also take a look at The Razor Crest Haslab project and it’s latest Tier unlocks.  Will it make it to Tier 5 and an Offworld Jawa Elder?  You have until November 9 to help make that happen!

Check out our special HASLAB RAZOR CREST PAGE for all updates to the crowd funding project.

With all of the announced figures from Hasbro in the form of Black Series, Vintage Collection and Retro a listener asks, “why not in time for Christmas?”  It’s a great question and one we spend time talking over (Thanks, Ralph!).

What do you think about the face sculpt on this Din Djarin figure? Check out Bossk’s Bounty review. – official license for Black Series scaled Blockade Runner hallway.

Pride Display Stands ANH

Pride Display Stands ROTS

Two figures numbered VC177