We were thrilled last week to stumble upon the latest wave of Black Series figures, as they not only begin our ramp-up to celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the start of the thumbnail_IMG_9942Prequels but provide collectors a chance to add two new characters never done before to their collections. Wave 20 of Hasbro’s The Black Series includes 6 new figures: Mace Windu, Padme Amidala, Battle Droid, Han Solo (Mimban), Vice Admiral Holdo and Dryden Vos.  Of these six, Holdo and Vos have yet to be done in action figure form which makes these two very exciting (although we 3 3/4″ collectors are still holding our breath). Now as mention at New York Comic Con last year, the leader of Crimson Dawn comes with a special feature not mentioned on the packaging. Just like with BluRay and DVD menus, in the toy industry, these hidden features are called Easter Eggs.

The Easter Egg found on Dryden is the use of color changing paint used on his face to simulate his “angry veins”. While there were no instructions included on how to make this work and have heard of multiple folks failing to see a real change, we decided to go extreme at the advice of our friend Dan Emmons from

As you can see, the paint works great after 5 minutes in the freezer. But if you look closely at the images below you will find another Easter Egg.



Vos’s blades also turn red when subjected to the cold to simulate their glowing features from the film.


This very fun feature hasn’t been used since The Power of the Force 2 era when the CommTech Stormtrooper came with a color change blast damage. This has inspired us to create a new database chronicling the various Easter Eggs found through the figure lines from the past 40+ years.