The new and highly anticipated year is only seven days in and already we are treated to a heavy dose of toy rumors! First out of the gate was Rebelscum with a list of Hasbro The Force Awakens solicitations. Of course at this point, this is all unconfirmed by Hasbro’s so please regard with a grain of salt.

Star Wars 7 3.75 In Figure Assortment
Star Wars 7 3.75 In Armor Figure Assortment
Star Wars 7 Figure Two Pack Assortment
Star Wars 7 Figures Snow Desert
Star Wars 7 Hero Series Deluxe Figure Assortment
Star Wars 7 Hero Series Figure Assortment

Star Wars 7 Class I Vehicle Assortment
Star Wars 7 Class I Deluxe Vehicle Assortment
Star Wars 7 Class II Vehicle Assortment
Star Wars 7 Class II Deluxe Vehicle Assortment
Star Wars 7 Starfighter Vehicle
Star Wars 7 3.75 In Hero Vehicle
Star Wars 7 Hero Series Figure Vehicle Assortment
Star Wars 7 The Black Series 6-Inch Starfighter

To see the rest of the non-action figure solicitations head on over to

Now for the sake of speculation we are going to for the moment believe this list is truly happening and what is really exciting is that it appears we are seeing Hasbro return to form. Not since the end of The Clone Wars line have we really seen a wide variety of products released by Hasbro in regards to their 3 3/4″ line.  And at present we have only single carded figures, two-packs and one small-scaled vehicle assortment. Here we find Hasbro reintroducing more action figure-related assortments to the upcoming movie-based line.

Could we be seeing a “new” large vehicle in this line? The fact that we see a single listing for a Starfighter Vehicle leads us to believe this will be a high dollar release and we use the work new in quotations because odds are we could see The Legacy Collection’s big Millennium Falcon (BMF) return with a few modifications.

This solicitation’s use of “Hero” is a bit confusing at this stage as it is unclear if this applies to their shampoo bottle 12″ Hero line or if this is used to apply to a new 3 3/4″ assortment. We are hoping for the later but only Toy Fair will tell…oh wait no they won’t!

toyfair_2015Jedi Temple Archives has posted their communication from Hunter PR (Hasbro’s PR firm) stating that, “there will be no toys based on Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Star Wars Episode VII) shown at Toy Fair this year.”  This comes as a bit of a surprise as at last year’s Toy Fair we were shown Rebels product that did not hit toy shelves until mid-November. Seems strange but with Celebration Anaheim just two months later chances are will won’t have to wait until San Diego to finally get some reveals.

Yesterday JediNews released images they received from a source about possible Saga Legends (5POA) multi-packs coming to coincide with the yet announced digital release of both trilogies.

digital sets boxed digital sets loose

Now like most DVD release sets Hasbro has produced in the past, these figures are mostly all repacks from recent Saga Legends assortments and Mission Series waves.  We use mostly as four of the figures pictured have yet to be released although chances are they will be prior to these box-sets.  Bossk and IG-88 and Biker Scout and Wicket have been previously announced are were expected in December but have yet to appear anywhere at retail.

What may end up being the most important reveal of UK based Star Wars news site is their reporting of the street date for TFA merchmidnight_madness to be September 4th. We have heard rumors of a September release before and this would make complete sense from a retail perspective as well. The 4th just happens to be a Friday and what better day is there to have what hopefully will be our next Midnight Madness.

And finally yesterday not only did Making Star Wars confirm a street date of September 4th but added that Kylo Ren would be featured on all packaging for The Force Awakens.  This makes complete sense as most of Hasbro’s biggest lines featured a villain (and yes we are assuming he is). The Power of the Force 2 – Darth Vader, Episode I – Darth Maul, Revenge of the Sith – Darth Vader and now potentially The Force Awakens – Kylo Ren.


With Toy Fair only a just a week and a month away, we expect to start to seeing more action figure leaks and announcements as we get closer to the event. But until then,

May the Figures be with you!