Little Jake’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Hi all, Jake here. It should come to no surprise to readers when I say that I love toys. And for those who know me, it’s equally non-surprising when I say I have always really loved my birthday. These passions most likely come from the fact that I was raised by incredible parents who made sure that toys and birthdays were synonymous when I was growing up. So, this year to celebrate my birthday I am giving away some of my favorite toys to hopefully instill some of that same joy I was given as a child to another! Starting today, and continuing each day until my birthday on November 10th, my younger self will provide you with a glimpse into my very spoiled childhood birthday celebrations. This [...]

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And the winner is…

We had a massive amount of entries for this 2-Pack and the winner and congratulations goes to CRAZYFORLEGO on Instagram! Madison Dunn is the winner of our Ahsoka & Vader 2-Pack giveaway! Per entry directions Dunn LIKED our post and TAGGED a fellow collector; who we want to give a shout out to. THEKENNERBOY has some fantastic photos on his Instagram which any vintage and modern collector would appreciate. As stated below, we wanted to show our appreciation to the great many fans who love toy and action figure collecting and help to support each other in the hobby! "We here at have had some incredible luck in tracking down the latest figures from The Force Awakens. We owe quite a bit of thanks in part to [...]

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Win Sy Snootles!

'What vintage Kenner action figure would you still like to see Hasbro make?' This has been the question on our minds lately. Despite Hasbro being currently focused on producing figures from Star Wars Rebels and the upcoming The Force Awakens we can't help but to think about the figures they have yet to make from the original Kenner line. Hasbro has updated many of the "92" figures from the vintage line but long time collectors and completist know that there are still some figures that a) Hasbro has yet to be do and b) more accurate versions they should do. By the picture below, it should be clear on who our choice is. We dearly want Hasbro to produce an updated non-Special Edition version of Sy Snootles. She has never appeared in [...]

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