Last night Marvel Studios (with some help from Sony) released the first trailer for their upcoming Spider-Man reboot and we couldn’t be happier! Spider-Man: Homecoming not only brings Peter Parker back to being lovable (after the failings of Andrew Garfield) but Tony Stark is back to form as well, after a heart-wrenching story in Captain America: Civil War!  Now, what does this have to do with a Star Wars action figure site? Well, during our very first viewing, we discovered Spider-Man or perhaps his buddy, Ned Leeds, shares our passion for Star Wars action figures!


Peter appears to prefer vintage figures as not only are some of the figures on his shelf appear to be Kenner but a few other classic vehicles make an appearance as well!

Now this isn’t a bad collection for a kid in high school in 2016.  We are assuming the figures, X-Wing and AT-AT were mostly likely his Uncle Ben’s back in the day.  Nevertheless, we are looking forward to the movie even more so now as we are excited to look for my Kenner and Hasbro cameos.


Hilarious how the moment that features the Lego Death Star’s destruction also features Luke’s X-Wing!


Now, Spidey being a Star Wars fan is not too unexpected as he makes a pretty great Empire Strikes Back reference during his debut appearance in Civil War.

Despite the film not being released until 7/7/2017, we have already added it to our action figure filmography; “Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)!” Head on over and let us know what other Kenner and/or Hasbro cameos in film or television we are missing!

Until then,

Make mine Marvel and May the Figures Be with you!