On Sunday evening, Starwars.com released both the official poster and trailer for May’s upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The trailer presented a film which has a distinct feel from the previous episodic films and even the previous standalone film, Rogue One. We see the young Han Solo taking his first step into the world of smuggling by partaking in a heist with what appears his new partner, Chewbacca. Highlights from the preview include a Star Destroyer shipyard, Range Troopers attacking the hovertrain, L3’s voice, Chewie headslamming someone, Han learning about Chewbacca’s age, the den of thieves seen in the recent Denny’s commercial, a better look at Paul Bettany’s villain character and an addition Wookiee friend (or spouse – Malla?) of Chewie’s.

The poster features elements that were not seen in the trailer such as yak-like beasts of burden, three ships that resemble blockade runners and a new twin-sunned planet. With any new Star Wars media preview, the speculation is typically high and some of the most fun parts of waiting for films and or episodes to drop. We too would be lying if we said we didn’t automatically start guessing if the movie actually revolves around Han and his new crew stealing from a young Rebellion (hence the blockade runners).  Or if L3-37 is later downloaded into Lobot. Or if certain characters in masks are actually part of Woody Harrelson’s band of misfits. We are sure that many of these questions will be answered prior to Solo’s release on May 25, especially now that it will be debuting at the Cannes Film Festival weeks in advance of its premiere date.

We may also learn more once the merchandise is officially released, which at this point is unofficially slated for this Friday, April 13th. Look for our Solo: A Collecting Guide to be published later this week to help you in your future toy runs.


Until this upcoming (Wookiee?) weekend,

May the Figures be with you!