Two amazing things occurred this week! Firstly, Bobb from Cardboard Galaxy completely flattered us by sending us his most recent diorama creation which features the epic May night in 1999 aka Midnight Madness! The second thing was actually how many memories this diorama unlocked for me from that night! Now for those who did not experience the very first Midnight Madness, it was the official Lucasfilm release date (May 3rd) for all Episode I merchandise in which Toys ‘R’ Us opened at midnight with the moniker Midnight Madness.

We wrote in-depth about this night and reached out to fellow collectors 5 years ago for the 20th anniversary and you can read all about it here.

Cardboard Galaxy did such a nice job recreating the look of 90’s era Toys ‘R’ Us!

The detail in the design is so good including the flyer that handed out in anticipation of the event.

Here’s a closer look at the flyer.

Now while I was on the insider during this event (I worked at the South Hill  Toys ‘R’ Us in Washington State at the time and set up the event with what would become lifelong friends) I love this diorama’s ability to recreate the amazing memories that were made by fans, collectors and families as they waited in line, played in the parking lot and shared in their love of the franchise and the anticipation of the next chapter.

I took my son to the 25th anniversary showing of The Phantom Menace yesterday and for me that film truly is one of my favorites as it is connected to the pure hype of the times and amazing experiences with friends. It also is a film full of beautiful visuals, the best lightsaber duel of the Saga, an iconic soundtrack and wonderful world building.

Many thanks for our friends at Cardboard Galaxy and make sure to follow the on socials and head to their eBay site to grab some great cardboard creations for your displays!

Happy May the 4th everyone!