Christmas 1983 was a very memorable one! That Christmas was not only full of loads of Star Wars gifts from Santa and my folks but it was the year I received one of my most played with toys ever. The Millennium Falcon finally landed at my house courtesy of the big fat man in the red suit. This toy would smuggle countless figures in its secret cargo hold, blast Imperials out of the sky with its gunner turret and enter into Hyperspace on a daily basis for years to come. The collecting bug had bit years before, but Return of the Jedi was when it really took off.

Now 32 years later, I’m sure 7-year-old Jake would not be shocked to learn that every last Star Wars figure, ship, book and toy from childhood would still be in my possession and cared for just as much as it was in ’83. The kid in me has thrived over the past three decades and has never let go of that youthful love for Star Wars and action figures.

Christmas for me has always been a time for Star Wars as most year’s wishlist, since the early 90’s, has included a handful of gifts from the Galaxy Far, Far Away. And now whether it originated on December 25th, 1983 or not, Star Wars and Christmas have forever been linked in my home and what a happy time of the year this holiday has provided. What an amazing gift we received this year as The Force Awakens is an incredible addition to the Star Wars Saga! The kid in my laughed (and cried) and went with the adventure at every step of the way but what proved to make this particular film and Christmastime even more special was sharing in the excitement and adventure of The Force Awakens with my 5 and 9-year-old. Not only was this their first Star Wars film in the theater (and their first full PG-13 film, they only watched parts of Revenge of the Sith) but this was a unique and unforgettable time when the three of us were able to sit in a theater to enjoy a new Star Wars for the first time together as kids.

As it says above, May the Force be with the kid in you at Christmastime and always!

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