STAR WARS 3.75-INCH FIGURE Assortment (Galen)

Hasbro has provided us with the first loose look of the upcoming Galen Erso action figure. This figure comes included with a blaster and a mouse (MSE-6) droid and depicts the Death Star scientist in his imperial uniform seen in the movie on Eadu. While the MSE droid is a reissue, it has not been seen in the modern line since The Vintage Collection’s 2012 Tarkin release.

This figure made its actual debut on Instagram as the actor himself, Mads Mikkelsen, posted the first carded look of his figure.


This special reveal may have been in response to his appearance on the red carpet at the Rogue One premiere when asked about having an action figure:

Now who knows if we will be seeing either of Erso’s other outfits from the film as he was portrayed in both an Imperial Formal Uniform and La’Muh farmer work clothes. Regardless, this figure is rumored to ship with the previously announced Admiral Raddus, Shoretrooper Captain and Fenn Rau from Star Wars Rebels. No word on the also rumored Lt. Sefla which was said to be coming in this wave as well.

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