Welcome to another update to our Kenner Cameo Chronology.  At the Kenner Cameo Chronology, it is our goal to provide a guide for every time a Kenner (and sometimes Hasbro) concept or design has been showcased, outside of the action figure line, in Star Wars comics, publishing, animation, video games and so on.  Today we bring you three more entries that have all occurred within the last year.

 – 2016 –



This Kenner vehicle was featured in the comic story found within the Star Wars Rebels Magazine published by Egmont UK Ltd.  In issue 17, Kanan and Ezra attack a couple of AT-ATs while piloting the mini-rigs. Credit and thanks to Adam Giles AKA The Scavenger UK for the heads-up and images.

The author even admits to their inclusion in the story as a way of playing out his childhood adventures:

Millenium Falcon


Marvel’s Han Solo #1 features a Mike Allred variant cover which clearly took its design from Kenner’s vintage vehicle/playset. Credit and thanks to Jad Bean of JadBean.com for discovery.

– 2017 –

MLC-3 & MTV-7



Both the Mobile Laser Canon 3 and the Multi-Terrain Vehicle 7 can be found in the mobile app Star Wars: Force Arena.  Each of these Kenner mini-rigs are options for players to use as light tanks in the combat game.

We are in the works of another large update to the Kenner Cameo Chronology as well as a new database focused on other Kenner tributes! Look for that in the near future by in the mean time to see all of the cameos so far, click here.

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