Hasbro’s YouTube page has released a new commercial centered around the new Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures line. This new ad most likely dropped just in time to remind last-minute Christmas shoppers to pick-up a few tube-packaged figures for stocking stuffers.

This figure line which is exclusive to Wal*Mart until the beginning of the year retails for $10 and includes a small comic story about that figure from The Original Trilogy. Each figure is tied to an animated micro-episode of Galaxy of Adventures which debuted earlier this month on Starwarskids.com’s YouTube page. You learn all about these figures from our First Look coverage here. It should be noted that this “teaser” commercial features figures from both Wave One and Wave Two (which isn’t due out until Spring of next year.

This commercial debuted just a few days after Sarah Carroll, who is the sr. brand marketing manager for Star Wars at Hasbro gave an interview about Hasbro’s new figure line to Starwars.com.

The following are stills from the “Star Wars – Galaxy of Adventures Official Teaser”.