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With the release of The Last Jedi line of action figures, Hasbro has built added play value this time around directly into the actual figure in the form of FORCE LINK. This feature allows action figures, ships and playsets to come alive via the FORCE LINK which is worn on the wrist. Then when a figure is held in hand, phrases and sounds are activated and played through a speaker on the FORCE LINK. In the case of the TIE Silencer, lights are also activated on the vehicle.


In order to know if they figure is FORCE LINK compatible, look for the FORCE LINK symbol on the bottom of the left foot or bottom of the toy.

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The phrases embedded in the figures include some or all of the following depending on the figure:

  • Phrases taken directly from the films
  • Phrases from the films but spoken by a voice talent
  • Brand new phrases spoken by a voice talent

This page is dedicated to cataloging the sounds and phrases of each FORCE LINK compatible figure. While the FORCE LINK player does work quite well it does not consistently play all of the figure’s sounds and phrases. With that being said, if you have discovered a phrase or sound not listed below, please let us know via our social pages or email (4LOMKUSS@gmail.com). As more FORCE LINK figures are released we’ll update catalog the sounds and phrases below.

Force Link Phrases & Sounds

(Each figure and vehicle is listed alphabetically within their respective faction)


A-Wing Fighter

  1. Flyby
  2. Flying


  1. Artoo-Detoo where are you
  2. I am C-3PO, human-cyborg relations
  3. It will take a miracle to save us now
  4. Oh my
  5. The chances of survival and seven-hundred-twenty-five to one
  6. Without the Republic Fleet, we’re doomed


  1. Growl 1
  2. Growl 2
  3. Growl 3
  4. Growl 4
  5. Blaster fire


  1. Do as exactly as I say, I can get you out of here
  2. My name’s Finn and I’m in charge
  3. Oh you gotta be kidding me
  4. Stay low, it confuses their tracking
  5. Yeah
  6. 1 blaster bolt
  7. 2 blaster bolts & explosion

Paige, Resistance Gunner

  1. Direct hit
  2. My sensors are picking up TIEs, brace yourself
  3. Orders received
  4. We have to tackle the First Order head on
  5. We’re not giving up now
  6. 2 blaster bolts

Poe Dameron (Resistance Pilot) – Basic

  1. I can fly anything
  2. I’m Poe, Poe Dameron
  3. Let’s light it up (?)
  4. We’re gonna do this
  5. 1 blaster bolt
  6. 2 blaster bolts
  7. Take my lead

Poe Dameron, Captain – Ski Speeder

  1. Hit the target hard
  2. I’m going to get us in position
  3. Now we have a chance
  4. We got a lot of company
  5. 1 blaster shot

Rey (Jedi Training) – Basic Figure

  1. Get out of here
  2. I feel the force
  3. I’m not giving you anything
  4. I’m not leaving without you
  5. You will release me
  6. Lightsaber ignition & deactivation
  7. Lightsaber hit

Rey (Jedi Training) – 2-Pack

  1. I can do this
  2. I’m with the Resistance
  3. The First Order are everywhere
  4. You are going to pay for what you did
  5. Lightsaber ignition & deactivation
  6. Lightsaber swings
  7. Blaster shot

Rose, Resistance Tech

  1. Blast them
  2. Bullseye
  3. I can fix anything
  4. We have a mission to complete
  5. You can’t give up on the Resistance
  6. 1 blaster bolt
  7. 2 blaster bolts
  8. Explosion

Ski Speeder

  1. Canon blast
  2. Engine start up
  3. Flyby
  4. Flying

Tallie, Resistance Pilot

  1. Here they come
  2. Let’s do some damage
  3. Protect the Bombers
  4. Reporting in Squadron Leader
  5. Watch your back
  6. 1 blaster shot

First Order

Snoke, Supreme Leader

  1. For you, all is lost
  2. The Resistance will soon be our grasp
  3. There’s been an Awakening
  4. We will crush them once and for all

Elite Praetorian Guard – 2-pack

  1. Blast and mechanical whirl
  2. Swords
  3. Whip

Elite Praetorian Guard (with Single Blade) – Mega Playset

  1. 1 Sword clank
  2. 3 Sword clanks
  3. Clank and laser blast
  4. Electroblade hiss

First Order Stormtrooper

  1. Blast them
  2. Sir, we’re searching the area
  3. Surrender
  4. Trooper reporting for duty
  5. We have targets in custody
  6. Blaster bolt

General Hux

  1. Capture the droid if you can but destroy it if we must
  2. Fire
  3. We have their location
  4. We shall destroy the Resistance
  5. 1 blaster bolt
  6. 2 blaster bolts
  7. Explosion

Kylo Ren – Basic

  1. I feel the power of the Force
  2. I know what I must do
  3. We’re not done yet
  4. You will bring Luke Skywalker to me
  5. Lightsaber clash
  6. Lightsaber crackle
  7. Lightsaber slash and deactivation

Kylo Ren – Force Link

  1. Find them
  2. I will let noting stand in our way
  3. I’ll show you the Dark Side
  4. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time
  5. Put every hangar on lockdown
  6. Where is it
  7. You know what I’ve come for
  8. Lightsaber slashes, crackle & deactivation

Kylo Ren (TIE Pilot) – TIE Silencer

  • Mega Playset (Starkiller Base)

    1. All troopers to their stations with claxons
    2. Hey
    3. I have been expecting you
    4. Your emotions have you weak
    5. BB-8 beeps and bops*
    6. Bridge explosion with fire crackle*
    7. Catwalk explosion*
    8. Force powers
    9. Garbage masher
    10. Trap door explosion*
    11. Trash monster roar

    * These Mega Playset sounds are built into the playset’s own speakers and does not play through the FORCE LINK

    TIE Silencer

  • Rebels

    Han Solo

    1. Great shot, that was one in a million
    2. Han Solo, I’m captain of the Millennium Falcon
    3. I got a bad feeling about this
    4. Never tell me the odds
    5. They’d be crazy to follow us, wouldn’t they
    6. 1 blaster bolt
    7. 2 blaster bolts


    Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)

    1. Come, I’ll show you the true meaning of the Force
    2. Leave this place
    3. May the Force be with you
    4. Stay back
    5. Trust your instincts
    6. Force Power

    Obi-Wan Kenobi

  • Yoda

  • Imperials

    Darth Vader

    1. Don’t underestimate the Force
    2. If you only knew the power of the Dark Side
    3. Prepare your troops for a surface attack
    4. Stay in asteroid field until they are found
    5. You have failed me for the last time
    6. Lightsaber deflection
    7. Lightsaber hit
    8. Lightsaber ignition and deactivation
    9. Lightsaber swing

    Probe Droid

    1. Dagobah System
    2. Communication garble
    3. Blaster bolt
    4. Floating 1
    5. Floating 2


    Boba Fett

    1. Don’t bother hiding
    2. He’s no good to me dead
    3. Orders are to finish you off
    4. You’re on borrowed time
    5. 1 Blaster bolt
    6. Jetpack


    1. Find cover
    2. Take the droid
    3. The Rathtar has escaped
    4. You’re a dead man
    5. 1 Blaster bolt
    6. Scream

    Canto Bight Police

    1. Drop you weapons
    2. Let me see your identification
    3. Perps, up ahead
    4. What seems to be the problem
    5. You won’t escape
    6. 1 blaster bolt (?)

    Canto Bight Police Speeder

    1. Blaster Canon
    2. Flying
    3. Flyby


    1. Chomp and swallow
    2. Gurgle
    3. Scream 1
    4. Scream 2

    and much more to come!