As we enter Day 5 of my Birthday Scavenger Hunt make to look over the details on how to play and how to enter to win all of the toys in the prize box by visiting Day 1’s entry.

I have a deep love for Star Wars t-shirts. My Mother keeps me in steady supply as I tend to still pick up 3-4 per holiday. For over a decade I have coached middle school track and field and multiple years I have shown the team that I could wear a different Star Wars shirt on every day of practice. Here you can see Leia, who was featured in Day 3, is helping me show off my new gift as I am trying not to wet myself because the FREAKING DARK LORD OF THE SITH is in my front room. This past Summer I held a huge toy and collectible sale. I must have sold over 150 different Star Wars t-shirts (to my wife’s appreciation). I do not know what became of this particular shirt. I have a few from my childhood but this one did not survive the journey to 2018.

Use an A1Z26 Cipher to head on over to my 4-9-19-14-5-25-19 4-18-15-9-4 6-1-3-20-15-18-25 2-21-9-12-4 1 4-18-15-9-4 7-21-9-4-5 for today’s hidden image.


I love a good Kenner and Hasbro sub-line. When I say subline I am referring to the addition short-lived lines of toys they put out in addition to the 3 3/4″ and now 6″ line. Kenner rocked Large Action Figures (aka 12″ figures), diecasts and Micro Collection whereas Hasbro has had numerous such as Titaniums, Unleashed, Epic Force, Mega, Command, Force Battlers, Fighter Pods, Micro Force, Galactic Heroes, Attacktix, Micro Machines, and Jedi Force just to name a few.

When Hasbro relaunched the 12″ line during The Power of the Force 2 line, I started collecting as many as I could. But due to the average price tag being 4 times the amount of a 3 3/4″ figure and due to the fact that they went exclusive crazy (kinda like The Black Series is doing now) I had to a) not be entirely complete on the line and b) phase out a bit early before the towel was thrown in around the time of The Original Trilogy Collection. But since the line’s cheaper (no soft goods/5POA) rebirth in 2013, I have become a completist on the line in the past 5 years, which admittedly not many collectors who are fond of super-articulated lines give to cents about. But nonetheless, I am tossing one of my favorite pieces from the line in the prize box which is a 12″ Hero Series Biker Scout with Speeder Bike.


Good luck to all who play and thanks for joining in the birthday fun with me!

May the Figures be with you,