Merry Christmas Eve

With the anniversary of Episode 1 (and the beginning of the prequel phenomenon) now just 5 months away, we can't help but let our minds wander to the early years of The Chosen One and wonder what could have been. That and we have been binging on Scrooged, Mikey's Christmas Carol, The Grinch and It's a Wonder Life this holiday day season. Nevertheless, we wish you all a Merry Christmas Eve and may Old St. Nick drop a Star Wars present or two under the tree for you. “When you care to send the very best – you say it with Star Wars action figures!” Click here for more Star Wars Holiday greetings!

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Galaxy of Adventures Teaser Commercial

Hasbro's YouTube page has released a new commercial centered around the new Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures line. This new ad most likely dropped just in time to remind last-minute Christmas shoppers to pick-up a few tube-packaged figures for stocking stuffers. This figure line which is exclusive to Wal*Mart until the beginning of the year retails for $10 and includes a small comic story about that figure from The Original Trilogy. Each figure is tied to an animated micro-episode of Galaxy of Adventures which debuted earlier this month on's YouTube page. You learn all about these figures from our First Look coverage here. It should be noted that this "teaser" commercial features figures from both Wave One and Wave Two (which isn't due out until Spring of [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 137 – Officially Announced Star Wars Figures for ’19

Join your host Criz Bee on episode 136 of Toy Run this week as he takes a look at officially announced Star Wars figures for 2019. The Black Series, The Vintage Collection and Star Wars Resistance will be covered with audio snippets recorded at Hasbro's New York Comic Con 2018 press event.  More topics include SH Figuarts, Disney's Die Cast Elite and Hasbro's Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventure figures! Listen now, subscribe and leave a review on iTunes, please. An archive of past TOY RUN episodes can be found at For all things, Star Wars action figures related, make sure to check out and for the internet’s largest Star Wars action figure database head over to If you want to help grow TOY RUN, please consider [...]

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Galaxy of Toys Episode 73 – Vintage Kenner POTF (The Last 17)

Galaxy of Toys is back with Episode 73 and it is all about Kenner's first wave of The Power of the Force figures. Is there actually 17 figures in this series? Did the hosts (Jason, Chris, Ryan, Matt, and Jake) even have these figures back in the day? Has the coolness of Han's Carbonite Chamber ever been replicated as well in the modern line? Find out the answers to these questions and much more on this monthly discussion about Star Wars toys from the past, present and future. About Galaxy of Toys Podcast Galaxy of Toys Podcast is a discussion about Star Wars toys from the past, present and future. The show is hosted by creator Jason Luttrull and is co-hosted a bevy of Star Wars collectors. The show, [...]

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Interviews with Hamill & Figures

On March 21st, 1997 Mark Hamill was still on this Special Edition promo tour when he stopped by The Big Breakfast, Channel 4's morning interview show in the UK. Throughout the interview, Hamill shares his knowledge of Star Wars toys while showing off some vintage and modern figures and vehicles. Featured in the clip is a Power of the Force 2 Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Fighter as well as a Dagobah Luke figure from the POTF2 line. Also shown is a 12" vintage Kenner Chewbacca and a minty carded 1978 Luke Skywalker figure. Now we take you back 17 years in time from the previous clip to an interview with Hamill and Harrison Ford from The Empire Strikes Back press junket. During the premiere [...]

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TOY RUN Episode 135: A Look Back at 2018

  Join the hosts Criz Bee and Jake Stevens for a look back at the world of Star Wars action figure collecting in 2018! The discussion includes everything from The Last Jedi fallout to selling SOLO short, from Forces of Destiny to Galaxy of Adventures, from the Sail Barge to Steve Evans, and much more. A check in on the T.R. Nation, the Toy Rundown of the News and what's gone down in Star Wars in the last few weeks all in this week's episode of TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast! An archive of past TOY RUN episodes can be found at For all things, Star Wars action figures related, make sure to check out and for the internet’s largest Star Wars action [...]

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2005’s Sydney White’s Kenner Figures

One of our favorite pastimes beyond collecting Star Wars action figures is hunting down their various appearances in the media (which we collect in our Lights! Camera! Action (Figure)! database). This week we have recently discovered the 2005 PG-13 teen comedy starring Amanda Bynes, Sydney White, features a smattering of Kenner action figures. The modern telling of Cinderella told through college pledges includes a band of college misfits who, when playing cards, gamble with action figures. One of the lines featured prominently on the card table are vintage Star Wars figures. In addition to a carded The Power of the Force Endor Luke, various other figures can be seen including a mail away vintage Cobra Commander and a pair of Jedi from Hasbro's Unleashed Battle Packs series. Other vintage Kenner figures [...]

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Marvel Taps Hasbro for Comic Art

This past week announced a new limited series starring the Dark Lord of Sith. Star Wars: Darth Vader - Dark Visions, which begins in March of next year, includes a cover image of Vader mounted atop a creature and brandishing his lightsaber and an Imperial shield. What is exciting about this art is his shield featuring the Imperial cog which was done by Hasbro in 2005. During their Revenge of the Sith line, Hasbro introduced a very short-lived series, geared to younger kids, called Force Battlers. These 6"ish figures, were more stylized in design and included action features. The first Darth Vader released in this line included the Imperial shield which now appears to be possibly headed for official Star Wars canon if seen [...]

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Dork Side of the Force Interview

This weekend our very Jake Stevens was featured in an interview about Star Wars action figure collecting on the website Dork Side of the Force. The Star Wars news and opinions site is a part of the FanSided Network which is owned by TIME Inc. who of also owns brands such as Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, People, InStyle, Travel & Leisure among many of other influential brands. We'd like to thank Seth Szilagyi for the opportunity and would like to invite you to let us know what you think in regards to your thoughts about the state of Star Wars toys in 2018 on our social pages. And until then, May the Figures be with you!

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Star Wars: Resistance – Our Newest Guide

We are happy to announce our latest visual guide has been added to the site. Our new Star Wars: Resistance Figure and Episode Guide centers on the upcoming action figure series based on the animated series of the same name. We felt this was a great time for a visual guide (despite figures not hitting shelves until Spring) because the series is entering its mid-season winter break this weekend. This new guide will feature each of the following: Hasbro Action Figure Checklist & Visual Guide Episode Guide & Debut Figure Appearances Guide Character Appearances & Cameos Hasbro Wishlist Resistance News Make sure to check back as the page will be updated as new information, action figures and episodes are released! Until then, May the Figures [...]

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