Just over two weeks ago From 4-LOM to Zuckuss attended and presented at Seattle’s Emerald City Comicon. Despite the con not having a huge Star Wars focus there was plenty of ways for fans to indulge in the Force.  Prior to the convention we released our “Star Wars Guide to Emerald City Comicon” which detailed many of the Star Wars related panels and activities available at the con but even despite our research there were even more Star Wars fun to be had.  The following is just some of the fun we had at the con.

The Exhibitor Hall

Like many cons the exhibitor sales floor contained a wide range of vintage and modern, under and over-priced and well loved to minty mint action figures.


Emerald City Comicon definitely felt the presence of Seattle area Star Wars clubs.  In attendance were the Garrison Titan – Seattle’s 501st Legion who put on a “Blast-a-Trooper” booth to raise money for Children’s Therapy Center.

The 501st, who partnered with fellow costuming group The Rebel Legion’s Alpha Base, to raise over $11,000 in just the three day’s of the con.

JDB Spring 024

The Oceanhawks Clan were also in attendance in all of their Mandolarian Merc-y awesomeness. But costuming groups weren’t the only clubs present.  The R2 Builders Club impressed with their fully functional Astromechs posing for photos.

JDB Spring 060

Members from the Seattle ARea Lucasfilm Artifact Collector Club (SARLACC) put on two panels: “Star Wars Action Figures: Collect All 3000?!?” and “Touring the Galaxay: Star Wars Locations”.  We had the pleasure of hosting the panel on action figures with our good friends in Star Wars collecting community; Jedibusiness.com, Galaxy of Toys Podcast, The Star Wars Collectors Archive, IGrewUpStarWars.com.  Below is the presentation of both SARLACC panels:


Always present in healthy doses at Seattle conventions is cosplay and this year was no different.

 Star Wars Odds & Ends

Here are a few other cool things we spied at the con.

Want to see more from the con?  Check out our friends over at RetroBlasting and their great panel on action figure playsets from the 80’s which of course includes plenty of Star Wars sets.

For even more ECCC coverage make sure to check out our guest host on episode #26 of Galaxy of Toys Podcast!

That’s it for this year’s Emerald City Comicon coverage so until next time,

May the Figures be with you!