We were thrilled this week to receive our copy of Blue Milk’s Vintage Collection Archive Edition book (we were backer #25)! This guide to all things Vintage Collection has been years in the making and all of the hard work has paid off. The book which is a labor of love from Rich Alot, D. Martin Myatt, and Derryl DePriest (former Hasbro Star Wars Brand Manager) includes lots of industry insider information from those who worked on the figures as well as original work from notable figure photographers such as Kim Simmons, Richee Chang, Stephen Hayford, Jax Navarro, Alex Weiner, and Jason Yang.

This book has become an instant bible for us in regards to collecting TVC and an amazing standard for any collecting guide to strive for. The book does the smart move and is compiled chronologically by VC numbers and so any figures which have been reissued with the same number are included on the same page as the original release.

We won’t go into any more details about the book as many have not received their copies yet due to the international shipping crisis currently going on and do not want to spoil the experience. But our review is this book is that it is an absolute gem and if you were not able to be a part of the Kickstarter, we highly suggest, that if you have the opportunity to get your hands on one, not to hesitate. This book will be keeping us company throughout this holiday season as we are looking forward to diving back in!