The Sandcrawler Podcast is back after a long Spring Break! Jake joins hosts Mac and Dan as we catch up on the world of Star Wars and collecting from the past few weeks! We chat about Bad Batch, break down new acquisitions, and review the reveals our friends at Hasbro provided during the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest last Friday! Tune in for a #Syndercut long episode and of course, let us know your thoughts on our socials!

We’re back after an EXTENDED break! Last episode we vented about the state of Star Wars collecting and in some cases Star Wars in general and this week we follow up with how we plan on continuing in this hobby in a way more positive attitude.

Thanks to Rezikai and Ben11420 for your feedback and Apple Podcast review.

We share our recent finds in I Wanted Everything including Jake’s big toy run while in Colorado last week.

Disney Plus added the Star Wars Vintage Collection series and we discuss those offerings, especially the Tartikovsky Clone Wars micro-series.  And Mac goes on an old man rant about 70’s Saturday morning TV.

The Bad Batch hits May 4 and we take a look at the trailer.

Finally on to toy news we take a look at the Lucasfilm 50th Publishing figures from The Black Series.

Hasbro Fan Fest brought forth a lot of Star Wars figure news and we go through those announcements. See images and info here.  Vote on a Vintage Collection reissue here.

Jake will be speaking to the Hasbro team very shortly so head over to From 4LOM to Zuckuss and vote on The Bad Batch.

New pick ups from I Wanted Everything






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