Mike “Tarkin” MacDonald, occasional guest writer here at From4-LOMtoZuckuss.com, and his cohost “Dengar” Dan Lizotte, invited me back onto their podcast The Sandcrawler to talk about Celebration Orlando. In Episode #20, you’ll find tons of great discussion on not only prepping for Celebration but of Star Wars collecting in general and the real passion the international duo share for the Saga from a galaxy far, far away. Thanks again for the invite gentlemen and for the record, “I love The Sandcrawler…now hook me up with that swag”.

See you in Orlando – Jake

What makes this podcast different than all the rest? We won’t be reading off checklists or talking about where and when to find certain figures or collectibles. There are plenty of other shows that do that well, of course.

At the Sandcrawler, we care about YOU, the collector! If you have a collection of Star Wars figures, cereal boxes, or Pez dispensers, we want to know! Mike is an OT kid from Ontario, Canada and Dan first saw Star Wars in 1991 while growing up in Massachusetts. This and an 18-year difference between the two hosts will often give the listener a unique look at Star Wars collecting.

We want to share why Star Wars collectibles mean so much to us and learn why they mean so much to you. What does collecting mean to you? What things do you collect? How do you display your collection? Is this a family activity? We love activities, we have so much room for activities with bunk beds now!

Each episode you can expect to find out a couple of cool new things that Mike and Dan have picked up.

Additionally, we’ll cover whatever the collecting news and hot topic may be that week. As far as Star Wars news goes? Well, let’s just say the Sandcrawler also has its own take on weekly Star Wars news. Mike and Dan are also not paid endorsers for any product and we do not receive product to review. In turn, that means you will get honest and real comments and feelings towards the current state of collecting. As the show progresses, look for interviews with fellow collectors and hear their amazing stories.

Spend some time with us and let’s have some fun talking Star Wars toys. Who doesn’t want to talk Star Wars toys, right?