Each year the Washington State Fair (known as the Puyallup Fair to locals) plays host to the collections of a handful of collectors.  From everything from bottle caps to Batmobiles, PEZ dispensers to playing cards; if someone has ever collected it, there’s a good chance it’s been featured at the Washington State Fair.  The Hobby Hall is where collectors of all ages have their collectibles staged for the two and half-week run of the fair. Collections are selected by a committee and vary by size.  This year, fans of vintage and modern toys had many displays to fawn over but the coolest (and yes we are very biased here at From 4-LOM to Zuckuss) was the vintage Ewok collection.

Beerfest and Fair 371

This fantastic collection of Ewok paraphernalia was amassed by Dr. Robert Sargent, Jr. and featured the playsets from both the Kenner Preschool and Kenner action figure lines.

Included in the display was the fun use of Jedi figures as spirits from the end celebration scene.

Beerfest and Fair 296

Both shelf talkers were of the highest quality and most figures were very mint.

Beerfest and Fair 284

Beerfest and Fair 268

Here’s a look at all the collectibles Sargent had on display.

This was by no way the first Star Wars themed collection to be put on display at the fair. Most years the Hobby Hall is home to one or two Star Wars focused collections and this has been the case since the Original Trilogy debuted.  How do we know this well if you were to rewind the clock to 1984 you would see 9-year-old Jake Stevens’ collection featured among his few other action figure lines.

Beerfest and Fair 403

Beerfest and Fair 404

Jake would go on to host a couple more non-Star Wars collections over the years as well.

As mentioned before, there were multiple other toy-based collections (even some including other Star Wars collectibles) on display this year in the Hobby Hall.


Beerfest and Fair 232

PEZ Dispensers

Beerfest and Fair 344

Lego Mini Figures


Beerfest and Fair 249

The Lone Ranger

Beerfest and Fair 359

Speed Racer

Beerfest and Fair 376
Harry Potter

Beerfest and Fair 353

Until next year which is sure to have a heavy Star Wars focus as Episode VII will just a few months away,

May the Figures be with you!