With the Christmas season now underway comes the potential of new Star Wars action figures appearances in films and on television. Whether it is under the tree like Mork, or in the background of a department store like in Cagney and Lacey (still can not track down the image again) or in a jail cell which Santa is trying to escape, ’tis the season for more Lights! Camera! Action (Figures)! appearances.

This week we’ll add a number of updates to our database but today we will start with two. This past week, Netflix released their much advertised The Christmas Chronicles starring Kurt Russell and if you have yet to watch the film, know that some mild spoilers are ahead. In the film, Santa Claus ends up being taken to jail, as most Christmas comedies do such as Ernest Saves Christmas, The Santa Clause, Bad Santa and Elf to name a few. In order to convince the officer he is actually Santa Claus, Santa produces four much-desired toys from his childhood. The most significant toy by far is the minty Kenner Han Solo figure from 1978.  By all accounts, the figure appears to be an original but we can not completely confirm but we have begun our research!




Our second update takes us back to 1997 when Mark Hamill made a cameo on Saturday Night Live during their 22nd Season. In the Sting hosted episode, Will Farrell and Chris Katan attempt to sell a kid-napped Hamill. But prior to that, they advertise their sold out Jawa Ashtra which features 4 Power of the Force 2 Jawas.


SNL is no stranger to using Star Wars action figures in their skits as multiple are already added to the database. This skit is a widely forgotten classic from the era of The Special Edition releases.


We have more figure appearances on the way so make sure to check back later this week!

Until then,
May the Figures be with you!