2014 was a great year for and we are very excited for what lies ahead in 2015. With major events like Star War Celebration Anaheim 2015, new Marvel comic books, the second half of Star Wars Rebels Season 1 as well as the beginning of Season 2, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the modern line of figures and of course Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the coming year will be one to remember.

Now to make sure you don’t miss any of 2015’s major Star Wars events, figure releases or special dates make sure to bookmark our The Collector’s Calendar where we are constantly making updates as new Star Wars related announcements are made.


We would like to thank everyone who helped grow, promote and contribute to this past year, specifically:

  • Lindsey Stevens (my loving and supportive wife who insisted and deserves to be at the top of the list)
  • Justin Aclin (Hunter PR)
  • Tom Berges (
  • Ryan Beise (Star Wars: Collecting Cosmos Podcast)
  • Chris Bortz (
  • John Caliber (Star Wars Toyscapes)
  • Arnie and Marjorie Carvalho (
  • Dan Emmons (
  • Matt Fox (
  • Mary Franklin (Lucasfilm)
  • Michael French (
  • Sean Fuller (All Things R2)
  • Aaron Jacobs (
  • Tomas Lundholm (
  • Jason Luttrull (Galaxy of Toys Podcast)
  • Mike MacDonald (
  • Matt Martin (Lucasfilm)
  • Jay McDowell
  • Chris “DarthMac” Moorehead
  • Eddie Utrata
  • Jason Wood
  • and the many fantastic folks of SARLACC (Seattle ARea Lucasfilm Artifact Collectors Club)

Cheers to the new year and we hope to see you all at Celebration in just a few months.

Until next year,

May the Figures be with you!