The Return of Yoda! Who’s Next?

Yesterday it was announced that Yoda and his original voice would be returning to Star Wars. Now Yoda himself was seen just earlier this year in Netflix's Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Lost Missions dealing with some heavy issues but his original voice is another story.  In a surprise move, Frank Oz who voiced the diminutive Jedi Master in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi will be once again providing his voice in January 5th's episode of Star Wars Rebels according to  An appearance in Rebels would be the character’s first official or canonical appearance since his self-imposed exile to Dagobah at the end of Revenge of the Sith. This will be the third actor from the Original Trilogy to reprise their role on the new series.  James [...]

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Rebels Figures: 10 and Counting

It took just about until Star Wars Rebels' mid-season break before most of the country was able to get their hands on many of the show's action figures and yet just as stores have filled their shelves we are already once again wanting more.  The small amount of actual Rebels figures available is a bit lacking. The first initial wave of Hasbro's Rebels-based line includes just 10 figures and 3 vehicles despite 12 carded figures, 5 Mission Series 2-packs, 1 exclusive and 6 vehicles shipping in the same assortments. The popularity of the animated series is very welcomed but a larger line of figures devoted to the new show would have been preferred over the numerous re-releases that have accompanied the line's debut. The Clone Wars series began with [...]

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