20th Anniversary of Episode One’s Midnight Madness

It is hard to imagine that 20 years have gone by since the release of Episode One toys and merchandise. The anticipation for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was beyond anything Star Wars had ever seen before or since. Toys 'R' Us bought into the excitement with their first of four Midnight Madness events in which the toy retailer opened at 12:01 AM the day toys were released to allow fans and collectors to begin their Episode One collections as early as possible. The expectation and hype surrounding the release of the toys for Episode One was very enthusiastic. Entertainment Weekly reported at the time, "when all is said and done, Phantom tie-ins 'will probably represent the single biggest event in the history of the [...]

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The Fan Force Was Strong On Force Friday

Wow, what an epic time last weekend was! We are still recovering from our #ForceFridayHangover. We understand that many people came away dissatisfied with their Midnight Madness experience due to the lack of supply at retailers and that can be frustrating for those looking to buy everything in one shot. We will agree that the pegs were less full in the action figure department than any of the four previous midnight releases but that didn’t deter our enjoyment the event because it was the local collecting community which made it a night to remember. The following is how our own Jake Stevens spent the event: “The evening began with a late dinner with the ol’ curmudgeon himself Tom Berges from IGrewUpStarWars.com and Criz Bee from [...]

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The Madness is Coming! #ForceFriday Roundup

With #ForceFriday just 8 days away, retailers are starting to up their game in competing for collector's attention and dollars. Here we'll take a look at the major retailers set to celebration the release of The Force Awakens toys at 12:01 AM, September 4th. Toys 'R' Us The original purveyors of Midnight Madness will be holding their 5th midnight opening for Star Wars toys (all three prequels and The Clone Wars film). According to their website they'll be offering an exclusive poster but no word on the content or producer (Hasbro, Jakks, Mattel, LFL, Disney, etc.?) of said poster. Also being offered at Geoffrey's store will a LEGO Star Wars Commemorative Brick but details on this are scare as well. And finally Rancho Obi-Wan will be [...]

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Remembering ROTS & Midnight Madness 10 Years Later

"Last week Jedi Temple Archives featured an article on the 10th anniversary of the Midnight Madness sales that accompanied the release of Revenge of the Sith back in 2005. And after reading a second post from Jesse Tschopp, I began thinking about this big day in Star Wars collecting history too." "For my family this was really the first Star Wars related event that we actually did as a family. Of course I was the catalyst for this outing but my then 7 year old son was also beginning to amass a pretty decent amount of action figures (yes he wanted them, I wasn't forcing him!).   My then 10 year old daughter who up until then wasn't much into Star Wars, was excited about the [...]

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