Director Thrawn – The Grand Admiral Variant

With the latest wave of Rogue One 3 3/4" figures hitting online etailers, there is now a new variant in the wild for those so inclined to pursue.  It appears the good Grand Admiral has the same ambition as Director Krennic as he can be found with two different ranks. Our TOY RUN co-host over at received the correctly ranked Grand Admiral where we received a version mimicking the doomed director of the Death Star project. We are assuming the correct version as seen on Star Wars Rebels is the second version, produced after our own which bears the date stamp of Friday, October 28th, 2016. We do find it interesting that the card art bears the incorrect rank as well as seen below.   Here you [...]

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2016 Review & Hope for 2017!

Happy New Year to you all!  We here at have had a great year when it comes to not only Star Wars figure collecting but with Star Wars in general.  With our friends over at, we successfully launched the weekly podcast TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast where we have interviewed many prominent members of the collecting community including our friends Gus Lopez, Steve Sansweet, Bill McBride, Tom Berges as well as Hasbro's Design Director Steve Evans.  We appeared on the Collectors Galaxy podcast, on another episode of  Retroblasting's Star Wars Follies and co-hosted an episode of Star Wars Action News.  We attended Star Wars nights at both the Tacoma Rainiers and Seattle Mariners, we hosted a panel on Star Wars action figures at Emerald [...]

TOY RUN Episode 2: Unboxing Chris Pirillo’s Love for Star Wars

TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast is back with their sophomore episode. In this episode, they chat with Chris Pirillo about collecting Star Wars action figures as a child and his live gig of unboxing the Hasbro Battle Action Millennium Falcon on #ForceFriday. The show is hosted by Criz Bee from and Jake Stevens from who collectively have more than four decades of Hasbro Star Wars figure collecting experience as well as fond childhood memories of growing up in the 70’s and 80’s playing with Kenner action figures. Toy Run is hosted on the Galaxy of Toys Podcast feed which can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, The Zune Network and Podbean. In this episode, Criz Bee and Jake chat with Youtube personality and [...]

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The Fan Force Was Strong On Force Friday

Wow, what an epic time last weekend was! We are still recovering from our #ForceFridayHangover. We understand that many people came away dissatisfied with their Midnight Madness experience due to the lack of supply at retailers and that can be frustrating for those looking to buy everything in one shot. We will agree that the pegs were less full in the action figure department than any of the four previous midnight releases but that didn’t deter our enjoyment the event because it was the local collecting community which made it a night to remember. The following is how our own Jake Stevens spent the event: “The evening began with a late dinner with the ol’ curmudgeon himself Tom Berges from and Criz Bee from [...]

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Your Force Friday Hasbro Checklist is Here!

We have teamed up with and Galaxy of Toys Podcast to bring you the most up-to-date Hasbro checklist for use during tonight's Midnight Madness. To download your copy for Force Friday click the link below! ForceFriday Hasbro Checklist Also don't forget Seattleites; Jake from will be appearing at the Tukwilia, Washington Toys ‘R’ Us where he will be providing physical copies of the #ForceFriday checklist for all in attendance. Joining him will be Criz Bee from, Tom Berges, Jason from Galaxy of Toys Podcast, Ryan Beise from Star Wars Collecting Cosmos, Gus Lopez from The Star Wars Collectors Archive, Amy Sjoberg from the Ewok Builders Club, YouTube's Star Geek and Paul from the Forcecast. We'll be there following fellow Seattleite and Star Wars [...]

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#ForceFriday Preview on Galaxy of Toys

The hosts Galaxy of Toys Podcast discuss the numerous leaked products from The Force Awakens as well as the product catalog that made the rounds on social media last week. If you would like to follow along at home, you can see the all the photos mentioned in the show by clicking on the pic below courtesy of Also a reminder that the whole gang will be appearing a Toys 'R' Us in Tukwilia, Washington for #ForceFriday. You can get more details here and over at! Until #ForceFriday, May the Figures be with you!  

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The Top 10 The Power of the Force Figures with

August 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of The Power of the Force toy line, which started a new era of Star Wars toys and collectibles in 1995. The toy line which was given the same name as the previous and final vintage toy line in 1985, ran for five years from August 1995 until the middle of 2000. The line (affectionately dubbed POTF2 by collectors) as a whole was huge with plenty of figures, vehicles, creatures, multi-packs, playsets, pack-ins, mail-aways and exclusives. The Power of the Force line of  figures are fairly easy to find even 20 years after their debut, which is very likely a result of collectors stocking up on figures, hoping for the toys to increase in value in the same way [...]

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2014 the Year of 58

As 2014 comes to a close Hasbro will be shutting the books on their 19th year of producing Star Wars action figures.  It goes without saying that 2014, although better than 2013, was not a banner year for the toy producer’s Star Wars line. Distribution problems still existed, product offerings were very light, advertisement was minimal and public “collector” opinion about their 5 points of articulation didn’t improve. But despite these criticisms, Hasbro continued a long tradition of giving children, fans and collectors some great Star Wars toys to play with and collect! Now to hear which figure and vehicle we specially liked (and disliked) the best from 2014, you’ll need to make sure to listen to Episode 37 of Galaxy of Toys Podcast. While [...]

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Galaxy of Toys and the Vehicles of ’81 & ’82

In our newest episode we are joined by Jerry from Star Wars Action News Podcast to discuss the vehicles and accessories from The Empire Strikes Back. Jerry, who's well known for his "Vintage Viewpoints", shares his history and thoughts on these toys from '81 and '82. Jason and the co-hosts (Tom, Chris, Ryan and Jake) also give their thoughts about The Force Awakens teaser which debuted over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. For a trip down an Episode IV-themed memory lane check out Episode 35. And if you are interested in other vintage Star Wars pics make sure to check out the galleries at Want more from The Empire Strikes Back check out Episode 22: Kenner Star Wars Vehicles, Playsets Ect. 1980! For a visual guide of [...]

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2015 Star Wars Toy Line Speculations

This past week we were invited by our friends at to take part in some fun speculation about what we can expect for next year's action figure lines.  We were joined by a handful of well known longtime Star Wars collectors from across the web suchas: James Burns from Arnie and Marjorie Carvalho from Star Wars Action News Corey from Paul Harrison from Jayson Krebsbach from Gus Lopez from The Star Wars Collectors Jason Luttrull from Galaxy of Toys Podcast and our own Jake Stevens of The article includes a lot of great knowledge and educated guesses about the toy industry and will be an equally fun read once again in a year from now when The Force Awakens merch has been released . As an added bonus [...]

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