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At From 4-LOM to Zuckuss we love to share our passion for Star Wars action figures and appreciate those sites and publications that do the same.  The following is a list of some of the best websites, podcasts, and forums the online community has to offer in regards to Star Wars figures.  If you have a resource that you feel should be added to our list, please contact us as we would love to include it below!

Visual Guides – Online – Toy Guide (Modern)  – A Star Wars Action Figure Archive – HD Photo Gallery (Modern) – The Star Wars Collector Archive – Star Wars Action Figure Archive (Vintage and Modern) – Visual Guides (Vintage and Modern) – Vintage Guide (Vintage) – Star Wars Toys Page (Vintage) – Star Wars Vintage Action Figure Variation Guide – Vintage Restoration Video Guides – Image Bank (Vintage and Modern) – Vintage Weapons and Accessories Guide – Collecting Star Tour Figures – Vintage Guides to Mailers, Coins and more – Vintage Carded Trilogo Figure Guide – Guide to “Uzay” Vintage Turkish Star Wars Figure Bootlegs – Guide to Lily Ledy Variants

Mr Vintage Star Wars – Vintage Figure, Weapons and Cardback Resource Archive

Action Figure Checklist – Visual Line Guides


Informational Sources – Online – The Official Site – Star Wars News

Galaxy of Toys Podcast – A discussion of Star Wars Toys new and old

The Sandcrawler Podcast – Star Wars Action Figure Therapy – Unreleased Star Wars Toys – Star Wars News – Figure Reviews, Interviews and News – Vintage and Modern Checklists – Carded Variant Master Lists (Modern) – TAC Coin Matrix & Legacy Collection Build-a-Droid Part Matrix – Figure Reviews by Adam Pawlus – Modern Hasbro Action Figure Count – Vintage interviews, limelights and reviews

RetroBlasting – Star Wars Video Restoration Guides and Vintage Figures “Follies”

Pixel Dan – Action Figure Reviews/History

Toy Galaxy – Action Figure News, Reviews, History, and Commentary – Action Figure News & Reviews – Action Figure News & Reviews – Action Figure News & Reviews