Today Super7 released images of their upcoming ReAction San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Their Robot “Maria” figure, from the 1927 film Metropolis, features packaging which is a direct tribute to Kenner’s vintage The Power of the Force line. In addition to the card back, it also includes a collectible coin just like the 1985 series.

Maria from the classic 1927 Science Fiction silent film Metropolis makes her San Diego debut as this exclusive 3.75″ ReActon Figure with vac-metal finish and collectible coin. Only available at Booth 2543 while supplies last. Meet her next week in San Diego!


We are absolutely in love with this figure as it also includes both a silver leg just like C-3PO and but is also vac metalized, which is a production practice that Hasbro has abandoned in the modern line of Star Wars figures.

This figure continues Super7’s new tradition of releasing a figure exclusively at SDCC which has a connection to the Star Wars universe. When C-3PO was being visually created, Maira was used as influence during the concept phase of production. Last year, the ReAction Space Wars HeadHammer figure was released and you can learn all about that Star Wars connection here.