With Star Wars celebration Chicago now just one week away we couldn’t possibly head to the biggest Star Wars party of the year without bringing a little swag. This year we’re traveling a lot lighter than we did last time but we are not headed to the show empty-handed.

We are excited to celebrate the upcoming 20th Anniversary of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and to do that we’ll be giving away our very own anniversary button. Designed by our friend the incredibly talented seakae who infused elements from Hasbro’s Episode One packaging art in the design! The buttons will be exclusive to Star Wars Celebration Chicago and will be limited to just 25 per day of the show.


Our next swag giveaway was the collaborative effort of a group of Star Wars collectors and fans who happen to also be educators. As a proud middle school teacher, Jake will be handing out 50 of these buttons to fellow teachers and fans during the convention. The design was done by high school teacher Matthew Mulinaro and features a Jedi Holocron which were, “meant to be a teaching device. They’re interactive so you can talk with them.”―Quinlan Vos


Our third piece is a 25th Anniversary Coin for the Seattle ARea Lucasfilm Artifact Collectors Club which was designed by the always exceptional Curt Hanks. SARLACC, which holds the honor of being the oldest Star Wars collecting club in the country, is celebrating another anniversary this Labor Day and a handful of members who are attending Celebration will have anniversary coins for trade. Just like the number of years in existence, only 25 coins will be dispersed per SARLACC member at Celebration Chicago.


For those looking for a coin, you’ll want to look for those wearing the official 25th Anniversary SARLACC shirt.

download (1)

And for those who prefer buttons over coins, we’ll have 30 25th anniversary buttons to share with fellow collector club fans as well.


And finally, in order to have some fun during Celebration next week, we will be giving away a print by seakae! The print, which is one of our favorites, is an homage to Teen Wolf starring our favorite pair of smugglers. To be entered to win this print, simply post to either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram an image of you rocking our Hasbro Episode 1 button designed by seakae with the hashtag #FunWithEpisodeOne

You’ll have until the end of the day on April 16th to post your image as we’ll draw a winner the next day! And in the meantime, make sure to check out all of the great art at seakae.com. You’ll also want to make sure to follow him on Instagram as he will be doing a number giveaway pieces at Celebration and you’ll not want to miss out how or where to find them!

teen wolf