This week I had the pleasure of co-hosting the most recent episode of Star Wars Action News. The hosts, Marjorie and Arnie, invited me on to discuss both of the upcoming Celebrations, the whereabouts of the elusive third wave of Wal*Mart’s exclusive Black Series figures, new Star Wars records and to review the Takodana Encounter set featuring Maz Kanata.  To hear what we think of the multi-pack which is now flooding store shelves across the country make sure to tune into Episode 477 of one of the oldest and best Star Wars podcasts online. – Jake

She’s the most intriguing new alien introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She somehow has the lightsaber Luke lost on Bespin. She knows of the Force. She has a crush on the galaxy’s favorite Wookiee.  She’s Maz Kanata — and if you want her in action figure form you have to buy the Takodana Encounter figure 4-pack.  On this episode of Star Wars Action News, hear a review of that set to see if it’s worth hunting for!

Also on this show, last week ticket sales began for the eighth Star Wars Celebration in the United States, this time back in Orlando! Listen as Arnie and Marjorie are joined by Jake Stevens from From 4-Lom to Zuckuss  as they look ahead to next year’s biggest Star Wars party.
With two new premium format figures from Sideshow, a real-life Star Wars hologram, and more information about this year’s Star Wars Celebration in London, it’s all in this brand new Star Wars Action News!

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