It is that time again for the super convention San Diego Comic-Con to take place. As always with the four-day con, it begins with Preview Night on proceeding Wednesday where companies like Hasbro offer a preview of some of the items they will be showcasing at the convention. Thursday will then feature the Hasbro Preview Breakfast for members of the press and then Friday will host Hasbro’s Star Wars Brand Panel at 1pm-2pm PST. Here is where you will find all of the reveals and information about what is presented at SDCC this year. We will be updating our social media pages as updates and reveals are made and then will be adding all new content to this page for a one-stop-shop for all things Star Wars action figure related from the annual California convention.

Wednesday – Preview Night and Mr. Myatt has provided the online community with the first look at Hasbro’s booth. We are happy to be working with Jason Yang, aka @workmoreorless, this convention and look forward to his great photo coverage!


The following is what was featured on display in the booth and we have bolded any items yet to be released:

The Force Awakens Figures

Loose and Carded

  • Rey (Scavenger)


  • Princess Leia (Rebels)

The Force Awakens Vehicles


  • Rey’s Speeder with Rey (Scavenger)

    Courtesy of

    Courtesy of

Rogue One Figures

Loose and Carded

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn
  • Bodhi Rook
  • Shoretrooper
  • Admiral Raddus
  • Jyn Erso in Disguise
  • Death Trooper
  • Fenn Rau
  • Galen Erso
  • Lt. Selfa

Rogue One 2-Packs

Loose and Carded

  • Captain Phasma vs. Finn (Jakku)

Rogue One Multipacks

Loose and Carded

  • Jedha Revolt

Rogue One Vehicles


  • A-Wing with Hera Syndulla

The Last Jedi 2-Packs


  • Boba Fett vs Han Solo

Courtsey of

The Last Jedi Beast Packs

  • Rathtar with Bala-Tik (unannounced)

The Last Jedi 12″ Hero Figures

  • Yoda with Vine Snake (unannounced)
  • Shoretrooper

The Last Jedi 12″ Interactech Figures

  • Death Trooper Specialist

The Black Series 6″ Figures

  • Chirrut Imwe
  • Tusken Raider
  • Baze Malbus
  • Imperial Royal Guard
  • Kanan Jarrus
  • Lando Calrissian
  • Ahsoka Tano
  • Hera Syndulla
  • Jyn Erso
  • Sabine Wren
  • Death Trooper
  • Jango Fett
  • Director Krennic
  • Qui-Gon Jinn
  • Kylo Ren
  • Captain Phasma
  • Finn (Jakku)
  • Chewbacca
  • Poe Dameron
  • Darth Revan
  • First Order Snowtrooper
  • First Order Flametrooper

Loose in Diorama Displays

  • Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
  • Chewbacca
  • Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise

    Courtesy of

    Courtesy of

  • Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise
  • C-3PO
  • R2-D2
  • Death Squad Commander
  • Darth Vader
  • Princess Leia Organa
  • Grand Moff Tarkin with Interrogator Droid
  • Han Solo
  • Stormtrooper
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise with wet hair (unannounced)
  • Jawa
  • Sandtrooper (orange)
  • Sandtrooper (white)
  • Sandtrooper (black)
  • R5-D4
  • Sand Person
  • X-34 Landspeeder
  • Greedo
  • Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi with Holographic Princess Leia
  • Luke Skywalker with Blast Shield Helmet and Remote (unannounced)

The Black Series 6″ The 4oth Anniversary

Loose & Carded

  • Artoo-Deetoo (R2-D2)
  • Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
  • Han Solo
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Princess Leia Organa
  • Chewbacca
  • Death Squad Commander

    Courtesy of

    Courtesy of

  • Jawa
  • Sand Person
  • See-Threepio (C-3PO)
  • Stormtrooper
  • Darth Vader

The Black Series 6″ Centerpieces

Loose & Carded

  • Darth Vader (featuring a Stormtrooper)
  • Luke Skywalker (featuring an AT-AT Driver & Snowtrooper)

The Black Series 6″ Vehicles

Loose & Carded

  • Rey’s Speeder with Rey (Scavenger)
  • X-34 Landspeeder with Luke Skywalker

 The Black Series 6″ Exclusives

Loose & Carded

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn
  • Rey (Jedi Training) & Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master) (unannounced)
  • X-34 Landspeeder with Luke Skywalker

The Black Series Titaniums

Loose & Carded

  • Luke Skywalker
  • Han Solo
  • Princess Leia Organa
  • Chewbacca
  • Darth Vader

Forces of Destiny

  • Jyn Erso
  • Ahsoka Tano & Loth Cat
  • Rey (Jakku)
  • Luke Skywalker & Yoda
  • Sabine Wren
  • Rey of Jakuu & BB-8
  • Princess Leia Organa & R2-D2
  • Endor Adventure: Princess Leia Orana & Wicket the Ewok
  • Chewbacca

Big thanks to Jason Yang, Instagram’s @workmoreorless, for the correspondence and photo reporting!

Preview Night Gallery

Thursday – Hasbro’s 2017 Entertainment Brand Preview Breakfast Event

Each year Hasbro begins SDCC with an exclusive event for media.20155694_662486113950702_2440118611195459642_n

“This exclusive, media-only event features a complimentary breakfast and a first look at the latest toys and SDCC exclusives from beloved Hasbro brands including Transformers, My Little Pony, Hanazuki, DropMix, Beyblade, Magic: The Gathering, Star Wars and Marvel. The breakfast will be held from 8-10am at the Renaissance San Diego Downtown Hotel, where you will have the chance to speak with brand representatives before the convention floor opens.”


Preview Breakfast Gallery

– In chatting with Hasbro we have learned the following Hasbro Fun Fact: Hasbro Engineers spent 4 months and extra hours creating the dioramas on display in the Hasbro Booth. Additionally, Hasbro is even considering creating these type of pieces as products for retail.

– As previously announced Toys ‘R’ Us’s exclusive 6″ Black Series Clone Commander Gree figure went on sale both at the convention and online. You can buy it now online for $24.99.


– Hasbro updated links on their retail site for each of their Comic-Con exclusives and with a release date for each of August 14.

– stumbled upon a possible variant for the Rey (Jedi Training) 6″ figure. Head on over to check out the details.

2017-07-21_0813 has pictures of Gentle Giant Ltd’s next round of Jumbo figures which include a Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise and a replica of Kenner’s Early Bird Kit which will include a double-telescoping lightsaber Luke.


– Gentle Giant Ltd also previewed on their Instagram account another upcoming Jumbo Figure.

Coming up:

Friday – Hasbro’s Star Wars Panel

– UK etailer briefly released, before taking them down, images of the Resistance Ski Speeder vehicle. Images of the toy featuring Captain Poe Dameron can be found all over social media.

– Hasbro’s Star Wars Brand Panel at 1pm-2pm PST – Room 7AB

SDCC Hasbro Star Wars Panel Reveals

Upcoming 3 ¾” 5POA Figures presumably in The Last Jedi line beginning on and/or after Force Friday II, September 1st, 2017

Basic Figures

  • Princess Leia in Hoth Gear
  • Emperor (ROTJ) with Force Lightning


  • Boba Fett vs. Han Solo in Bespin Outfit (originally shown at Toy Fair 2017 and features oversized accessories)
  • Darth Maul vs. Qui-Gon Jinn

Deluxe 2-Packs/Beast Packs (as this is a new subline we are unsure of an official name)

  • Darth Vader & Probot
  • Luke Skywalker in Hoth Gear vs. Wampa (Super-Articulated)
  • Rathtar vs. Bala-Tik

Upcoming 3 ¾” The Vintage Collection Figures in Spring 2018

Basic Figures (line will include newly sculpted figures from new and past media as well as reissues from previous super-articulated figure lines)

  • #116 Rey (The Black Series reissue)
  • Kylo Ren (The Black Series reissue)
  • First Order Stormtrooper (The Black Series reissue)
  • Doctor Aphra (2017 Fan’s Choice Poll Winner)
  • Hoth Rebel Trooper (The Legacy Collection reissue)
  • Jyn Ero (The Black Series reissue)
  • Cassian Andor (The Black Series reissue)
  • Death Trooper (The Black Series reissue)
  • Assault Tank Driver (new from Rogue One)

Vehicles (all releases will be fully designed, will be to scale and feature vintage packaging)

  • Assault Tank (Rogue One)

Upcoming 6” The Black Series Figures (to be released later this year and in 2018)

Basic Figures

  • Rebel Fleet Trooper (will include Rogue One Data Tape
  • Luke Skywalker (reissue of Jedi Master SDCC exclusive)
  • Rey (reissue of Jedi Training SDCC exclusive)
  • Captain Rex (Phase 2 from The Clone Wars, like Rebels he is done in a realistic version, Hasbro used new facial technology using Temuera Morrison’s face for mapping
  • General Leia (from The Force Awakens)
  • Maz Kanata (with functional lightsaber chest, removeable glasses)
  • 5 Figures based on new media (we presume from The Last Jedi)

Deluxe Figures

  • Dewback with Sandtrooper

Upcoming 11” Forces of Destiny Adventure Figures

Basic Figures

  • Padme Amidala (Attack of the Clones Pilot Gear)

Saturday –’s Hasbro Star Wars Brand Team Interview

  •  Do you have a question you would like us to ask the Star Wars Brand? If so, send it to or message us on social media!


Stay tuned as lots more is on the way from SDCC!