Today Vanity Fair Magazine released their special Star Wars edition article which they have done with each Star Wars film since Episode One! The article features brand new images from Episode IX and includes some background about certain characters and locations in the film. The upcoming magazine (slated to hit newsstands on June 4th) features two connecting covers of stars Ren and Rey.


In addition, Good Morning America released an exclusive behind the scenes story about TROS and the Vanity Fair images.

The Images!

We have been pouring over these images all morning and lots of fun speculation is spinning around our heads with each reveal.


In this image we see D-O will be a part of the what remains of the Resistance.


The Knights of Ren are set to reappear after their cameo in The Force Awakens. Will their previous appearance be explained?


Keri Russell’s character has a name: Zorri Bliss. We can’t help to equate this character to Zam Wesell from Attack of the Clones.


Finn and Janna will ride creatures that appear to be a mash up of J’Quille and a horse. A J’Quill centaur if you will.



Appears the film will take partly on a planet of Pasaana which appears to not be home to any OT Era aliens.


The question is will Kylo and Rey have a rematch or a re-team?


Richard E. Grant’s character is given a name as well: Allegiant General Pryde. While we question his origin, will he replace Snoke is a Tarkin like manner? Or perhaps he’s just Hux’s father. 🙂


This!! We can’t stop staring at this image! Luke Skywalker; ghost, flashback, not dead…so many questions.


We also are given another look at our late Princess being scored by the the great John Williams who is back for his final Star Wars outing.

This is a great start to the hype machine that will no doubt begin to start up once Disney moves past their three upcoming blockbusters of Aladdin, Toy Story 4 and The Lion King in mid-July which will also time nicely with San Diego Comic-Con!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be released on December 20th, 2019 and the merchandise release will be on Triple Force Friday on October 4th, 2019!